March 9, 2024 at 5:25 pm

He Told His Friend That After She Lost 70 Pounds She’s More Attractive, But She Thinks People Should Consider Personality More

by Matthew Gilligan

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Let’s get real: physical appearance IS important.

No, it’s not everything, but it sure does help!

And that brings us to today’s story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page.

Was this person out of line for what they said to their friend?

Get all the details below so you can make up your mind.

AITA for telling my friend physical attraction is important?

“Shruti, Josh, and I are all in the same friend group, and we’re all 16-17.

Shruti has had a crush on Josh since middle school, and she’s confided in me and asked for advice a lot in order to get a ‘male perspective’.

Until recently, she wasn’t the best looking: she was overweight, had bad acne, didn’t know how to dress, etc.

This past year, she’s been working on herself a lot, and as a result lost 70 pounds and looks more conventionally attractive.

Things have changed.

In her words, Josh was always kind and and a good friend to her, and that’s a part of why she initially started liking him, but he never said anything flirtatious or expressed interest in her face or body until after she lost a lot of weight.

Now that she has, she mentioned to me that he has been flirtatious in a way he never was before, and that bothers her.

I asked why, and she said that it feels like he only is attracted to her physically and not personality wise.

I said that I think physical attraction is important, and asked if she would have a crush on him if he was 70 pounds heavier, had bad acne, etc.


She admitted no, while she would still care about him as a friend there wouldn’t be romantic feelings.

I pointed out that it’s the same thing in this scenario.

She got upset at me and said I wasn’t listening to her or understanding her.


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Another person talked about confidence.

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Listen folks… if you can’t realize that becoming more attractive is a good thing… I’m not quite sure what to tell you.

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