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He Wants His Girlfriend To Support Him Financially While He’s Unemployed, But She’s Upset Because He Never Proposed

by Trisha Leigh

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Ah, marriage. Despite all of the changes that have been happening in society, for many it’s still the end all, be all barometer of a good and healthy relationship.

If you’ve been together for years but aren’t married, some girls might wonder what’s really going on in your head.

OP lost his job and can’t afford his bills.

I lost my job 4 months ago and EI doesn’t cover my full living expenses. I had to buy a car since mine had 330,000 km on it and the engine issue was worth fixing.

After that I had couple thousand saved and that has been completely wiped out and now I’m not able to cover all my expenses.

His girlfriend doesn’t want to help him out because he’s shown he isn’t serious about her.

I asked my gf to help cover my expenses and she has refused because I didn’t propose before this. We had been dating for 3 years and moved in for 2.

She had told me 3 dates in she expected to be engaged in about 2 years of dating and is very unhappy with me because I didn’t propose.

I’m sure she is the one, I’m just still hesitant about marriage and she has told me she is trying to get over the fact she wasted 3 years with me. I told her to give me some time and she has thankfully not pushed it.

This was shortly before my work announced they were cutting people and I was let go.

He think he is serious and marriage is just a paper anyway.

Now she says I’m expecting too much from her since I’m not ready for marriage but expecting her to help me with rent. We have been dating for 3 years doesn’t that count for something?!

If it was a year in I understand if it was too early but we have been together for a long time. But she told it was meaningless because I haven’t proposed and she refuses to help me as I could just decide I don’t want marriage and bail at any time.

I could have bailed at anytime while dating and still can bail after we get engaged but I didn’t and I won’t. We have been serious for a long time, why is the ring and marriage all that matters?!

I can’t wait for Reddit to sink their teeth into this one.

I’ve told her since she won’t help it’s shown me she isn’t serious too and she told me it’s fine we can just end the lease and I can go back to live with family if I can’t afford rent here.

I’m getting interview requests back and did an interview already although I didn’t get it it’s crazy to me she would waste 3 years over covering a bit more rent and groceries.

The top comment sees both sides of the story.

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This person says they’re just not compatible.

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Maybe they both already know it’s over.

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She might be glad now that he never proposed.

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Four months is a long time to be unemployed.

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I don’t see this relationship working out.

Call me crazy.

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