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Her 20-Year-Old Nephew Stopped Paying Rent and Was Stealing From Her, So She Made Sure He Wasn’t Welcome In Her House Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

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Entitlement, folks…

It’s all around us…and there’s no escape!

And this story is exactly what I’m talking about…

Was this woman wrong for how she treated her nephew?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for kicking out my nephew since he thought it was only his house?

“I’m female (25) and my nephew is (20).

This all happened a few weeks ago, but heres some backstory.

Me and my nephew grew up together, and I took care of him for most of my childhood and teen years. Even though we’re five years apart, I still had to take care of him and I really never minded.

This kid has always been a problem.

He’s family, and I care for him a lot, but growing up he would steal my stuff and not give it back or give it back ruined or damaged. Instead of getting in trouble, it was always me getting in trouble since I was the oldest.

Since he had a rough childhood, I had to let him do whatever he wanted. I honestly did not like that because I raised him the best I could being a teenager and I didn’t have a choice. I had to clean, I had to cook for him, and it made me upset, but that’s in the past.

Currently I have an apartment and I needed help paying rent and my nephew offered to live with me and pay some rent. His college is a 10 minute drive away from there, and where we used to live it’s like a 40 minute drive, so he moved in with me.

Things started to change.

At first he was paying it, and then slowly he stopped paying it. Obviously I let him know that he does have to pay rent and that if he could pay me soon and he never did. He just said that since I am his aunt and I’m older, I have to pay for everything for him which ****** me off.

I know that I didn’t raise him to be like that. I found out that he was doing certain things that he wasn’t supposed to. I also found out he’s been stealing money from my room. He doesn’t give money for anything. He just goes to school and stays in my apartment rent free and I can’t support both of us.

Her family sounds totally clueless.

I’ve told his mom about it and my mom and all they told me was that I should support him and give him money since I’m his aunt. I have money but I can barely afford rent and they want me to give him money, just so he can go spend it? like no.

She finally had enough.

I told him that he has to get a job or he can’t live with me. Then he threatened to kick me out of my own apartment, so I snapped and I kicked him out. I threw his clothes out and I told him to not come back.

Most of my family doesn’t want to talk with me right now. They’re mad at me, and my cousins are the only ones talking to me.The rest of the family is not.


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Sometimes, you have to make tough decisions.

This was one of those times!

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