March 29, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Her Boyfriend Was Cheating So She Gave Him An Ultimatum, But Dumped Him After He Chose Her Over His Side Piece

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jentheodore

Cheaters… they’re everywhere!

And they have some nerve, don’t you think…?

Well, fear not, folks!

This woman got revenge on her cheating man the right way…and you might want to take a page out of her book.

Check out what happened!

My significant other was running a double life.

“My significant other had a double life. He had a girlfriend that thought she was in a full blown relationship when he practically lived with me.

She thought I was getting in the way of their love story so she contacted me to give me the what’s up.

This was a mess.

For context, I knew nothing about her. Unfortunately, she was the side chick who believed that coming to his place for 1-2 hours once a week to give him ****** favors was a legit relationship.

When she contacted me to try to tell me to stay away from her man. I called him and he freaked out.

Wait for it…

I told him it was either her or me. He cried and pleaded and told me he can’t live without me. I made him dump her on the phone in front of me.

I then turned around and dumped him. That was 100% always my plan LOL.”

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This reader was glad she didn’t give him another chance.

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One Reddit user just doesn’t get it…

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This person talked from a male perspective.

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Another individual spoke up.

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This guy talked about his own relationship.

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Hopefully, no one is going out with that guy anymore.

What a jerk!

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