March 25, 2024 at 5:26 pm

Her Coworker Would Consistently “Fake Quit,” So She Figured How To Make Her Retire For Real

by Trisha Leigh

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I think everyone can relate to having a coworker that just rubs you the wrong way, just about every day.

When that person is nearing retirement, it can lead you to hoping that dream will become reality sooner rather than later.

OP was a young team member, and one of the older ladies absolutely made her work life as miserable as she could.

I started working in a corporate office in a secretarial position for my first job after college. There were two older ladies who were also secretaries working in the office.

One of them was just fine, but I spent most of my time sitting beside and working with Agnes.

Agnes was quickly approaching retirement age but wasn’t going anywhere without a big push. This was in the days where we just started getting computers and she was absolutely hopeless. She’d pull stuff like “I can’t answer the phone – I’m on the computer.” Multi-tasking was not in this woman’s repertoire.

She was super fussy, and annoying. If I ever came back from lunch 5 minutes late, she would exclaim loudly “OMG – there you are! I was wondering what had happened to you!”, making sure the whole office knew I was late.

Meanwhile, she was usually late coming in in the morning, and often left early for various appointments.

If I made a typo in a document, she would make sure the rest of the staff knew about it, loudly.

Every time the woman would get peeved about something, she would say she “quit,” then her employers would “talk her out of it.”

She tended to pout when when things didn’t go her way, and she would “quit” her job when someone pissed her off, and then my boss’s boss would talk her into staying.

I’d heard about this tactic of hers and one day, our boss did something that annoyed her and she “quit” again.

My boss’s boss was away that day so I had my chance.

One time she did this, OP threw her a retirement party.

I quickly advertised and planned a big retirement party for her. It was a done deal by the end of the day.

People were dropping by and congratulating her and everyone looked forward to the party.

I mean, what’s a woman to do?

At that point, I guess she figured it was too late to pull her usual shenanigans and she actually retired.

I told my boss to not bother replacing her because it was damn easy to cover the little work she actually accomplished every day.

The top comment says no one can resist a party.

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You absolutely can’t back out once there’s cake involved.

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They say this is the best sort of revenge.

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This person figures the lady was probably grateful.

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I’m betting it happens all the time.

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This is absolutely classic.

I have to imagine that crotchety lady is happier in the pasture as well.

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