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Her Daughter Ate Some Of His Sister’s Expensive Cake While Babysitting Nieces And Nephews, And Now She’s Demanding To Be Paid Back

by Ryan McCarthy

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Good babysitters are a diamond in the rough.  They need to be attentive, responsible, trustworthy, and most of all, your kids need to like them!

I remember a babysitter I had once gave us a family size bag of skittles and fell asleep during the 1982 Annie movie. So yeah, her services were not needed again.

So to avoid getting a character like that, maybe treat your babysitter the best you possibly can, as not to scare them away.

A prime example of this is this user’s almost laughably petty sister, who called him to demand he pay for the two slices of cake his daughter ate while watching his nieces and nephews!

Check it out!

AITA for refusing to pay for cake slices that my teenage daughter ate?

I (F38) am a single mom with my seventeen year old daughter, Carly. My sister (f36) lives nearby with her husband and two kids, (f9 and m7).

Carly sometimes babysits her cousins on the weekends so that my sister and brother-in-law can go out, usually for 3-4 hours.

In exchange, my sister gives her €30-€40, cash in hand. Me and my sister do not make Carly babysit, she volunteers.

She likes having the extra money to fund her Starbucks addiction without a part-time job in fast food or retail. Plus their kids love getting to see her.

I’m glad that she’s getting to learn responsibility. I think it’s a win all around.

Seems like a pretty good setup for everyone, until last weekend, that is.

Last weekend there was a problem. A couple hours after Carly came home from babysitting, my sister calls me.

It was my niece’s birthday 2ish weeks ago, and there was some leftover birthday cake in their kitchen.

It was a custom-made fancy lemon curd cake and I remember at the party a lot of the kids didn’t want to eat it so a lot was leftover.

Whilst she was babysitting, Carly had eaten two slices.

But those two slices were apparently too much for OP’s sister to let go.

My sister said that she should’ve asked before helping herself to the cake, and that it was expensive.

I apologized to my sister and told her that I would have a word with my daughter.

She mentions again that the cake was custom-made and expensive, and says that we should be compensating her.

At first I honestly thought she couldn’t be serious, but she did want me to give her money because of the cake.

OP pointed out that the cake would probably be going stale anyway after two weeks, but his sister persisted.

I mentioned that surely the cake is going bad soon if it isn’t already stale (I said this light-heartedly trying to lighten the mood) but made it clear IM NOT GIVING HER MONEY.

She says she paid €70 for the cake and she expects me to give her €20. I told her I’m not doing that.

My sister says I’m being inconsiderate, and that my daughter ate the slices without permission.

I feel like she is being petty, and what difference would it have made if all of it got eaten last weekend or at the birthday party?

AITA for refusing to pay her for the cake?

$20 dollars for two slices of two-week-old cake? Was the lemon curd wrapped in gold?

I can understand being a little upset about some of your cake being gone, but shouldn’t OP’s sister have specified that the cake was off limits if she cared that much?

Reddit was in disbelief that OP’s sister was willing to die on this hill, and suggested he be just as petty back to her.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This fellow babysitter said her sister is more than happy to offer whatever snacks she has in exchange for watching her kids for cheap.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user was surprised that the cake was even still good by the time OP’s daughter ate it!

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This user said that anything in the kitchen is up for grabs unless previously warned.

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Finally, this user questioned how many slices were in the cake in the first place for the sister to demand a third of the total price she paid!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hope the $20 dollars was worth the sister’s weekends with her husband, because she might have just lost her babysitter!

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