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Her Daughter’s Friend Was Turning In Identical Homework So She Told Her Daughter Not To Share Anymore. Now Her Friend’s Parents Are Angry.

by Trisha Leigh

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If you’re a parent and think you’ve left the trials, tribulations, and drama of childhood friendships behind, well…think again.

Because now you’ve got to help your kid navigate those waters while simultaneously trying to avoid crashing into the other parents.

OP’s daughter and her friend often did their homework together after school.

My daughter has a best friend, name Sara. They are both in 4th grade.

The two girls would do their homework together at the schools after program.

School ended at 2:30 and I would pick my kid up at 4ish. So they had time to do work.

Then, their teacher voiced concerns that they were more or less copying each other’s work.

The issue started when I got a call for the teacher about cheating.

Both girls homework were identical. Even any sentence questions were word for word.

I explained that the girls do the work together and she made it clear that this isn’t just helping each it’s basically copying at this point.

She can’t tell if either girls is struggling from the homework but she knows one girl is due to test scores.

She told me she is going to talk to the other parent also.

I informed my daughter that she needs to do her homework by herself. That she can do it by herself after school or play and we will do it when she gets home.

She decided to do it by herself.

When OP told her daughter to stop sharing her work, the other girl’s mom was upset.

It’s been two weeks of this and overall seemed fine.

The other girl’s parent confronted me today. She asked why the girls were not doing work together. I explained the cheating situation and I thought that the teacher talked to her.

She told me that they weren’t cheating and just helping each other out. That her daughter math score has gone down since.

I informed her the kids are no longer doing work together and her kids grades are hers to manage.

If she is struggling now than she needs to deal with that.

She called me a a——.

The top comment hopes the other girl will get help soon.

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This person thinks the teacher probably needs a head’s up.

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After all, cheating never helps anyone.

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They think it would be a great idea to keep the teacher in the loop.

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Everyone is patting the teacher on the back.

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I mean, it’s for the friend’s own good.

It’s nice someone is considering that, since her mother isn’t.

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