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Her Financially Irresponsible Boyfriend Bought A Corvette Without Telling Her, So She Decided She Didn’t Want To Live With Him Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@timib04

Sometimes in life, you dodge a bullet at just the right time

And you better believe this sounds like one of them!

But did this woman go too far?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for cancelling our apartment signing after I found out that my bf bought an expensive car?

“My bf (31M) and I(28F) have been together for just over 2 years.

We have been living with roommates and been looking to move in for a while. It’s expensive and I have a dog so it’s been difficult finding a landlord that would be ok with a dog.

My friend has been moving out and she has a dog to and is willing to sublet for us. The landlord said they are ok with signing us if we want to stay after the 8 month sublet.

She made a discovery…

It’s a fairly good price near work so I’m happy with it. We went through the credit check and we are about to sign it but recently I discovered that my bf bought another car.

He already has a “daily driver” but wants a “weekend car” which I personally find ridiculous why anyone needs 2 cars. He has a Honda Accord that is fine and he has never complained about problems with it. But he recently said he bought another car. He isn’t the best with money.

He really likes to spend till the last dollar and doesn’t have any savings. I’ve had to bail him out twice on rent, we both pay around $1,100 plus utilities and he makes around 70k a year so he should have savings but he doesn’t.

He paid me back but it was months later than we agreed on.

Uh oh…

So I wasn’t really happy that he did that but I didn’t realize he bought such an expensive car. He didn’t show it to me until Sat when he picked me up in a Corvette.

I don’t know what model it is but I asked him how much it was and he said it wasn’t my business and I was ****** off he bought a clearly expensive car.

He admitted later because I refused to let it go it was 42k and he had traded in the Honda.

This car ain’t cheap.

Even then his payments are almost $800 a month. I was so mad he did that especially because he asked me to cover part of his share of the apartment security deposit a week before he bought the car.

I called my friend and apologized and told her I can’t sign the lease and she said she was ok with it. I hadn’t paid the deposit yet thankfully and my roommate is ok with me staying so I’m good.

Now things are worse than ever.

But my bf’s lease is ending and the landlord wants him out so he is mad at me cancelling us moving in together because now he still needs to move and will probably be paying more than if we moved in together.

He yelled at me for butting in on his business saying it’s not my business what he buys.

I think that’s fair but he also doesn’t have any money and bought an expensive car so if anything goes wrong I have to pay his share of rent.”

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I think she might need to kick this guy to the curb.

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