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Her Friend Gave Her A Hard Time Because She’s Taking Her Fiancé’s Last Name, So She Hit Her With A Brutal Comeback

by Matthew Gilligan

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Yikes…that’s a pretty rough thing to say to someone

But did this woman take things too far, or was she justified in what she said to her friend?

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AITA for indirectly telling my friend that nobody will ever love her?

“I (F27) have been with my bf (M27) for 2 years and he recently proposed.

I then had a weekend brunch with my friends, they wanted to know all about it and started asking me about my wedding plans. A lot of them are married so they were also giving me advice on a few things.

One person spoke up.

It was all going well, but then my friend Alicia (F33) noticed my necklace and asked me about it. My fiance also gave me a necklace with my future initials on it when he proposed (my first name and his last name), we’ve discussed it in the past and I love the idea of sharing his last name.

Here we go…

The moment I told her that it was a gift from him, Alicia started berating my fiance for upholding outdated cultural beliefs and how he must be very controlling and possessive.

I explained that I want to take his last name after marriage, and she still continued. She told me that this necklace is like a dog collar, that he’s trying to claim that I’m his property and I should feel insulted over such a misogynistic present.

And then she said it.

At this point, I lost it and said, ” Well, you should be glad because nobody will ever claim you in such a patriarchal fashion”. She started crying and left.

My friends agreed with me that she was being extremely insulting but a few of them later said that I should still apologize because marriage is a sore spot for Alicia as she’s the eldest in the group and unmarried (nobody has ever shamed her for it, but she has cried at a few friends’ weddings).

AITA for indirectly saying that nobody will marry her?”

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That was a bit harsh…

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