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Her Husband Wanted To Divorce Her After She Became Sick. She Refused Because She Knew His Israeli ID Card Shows His Marital Status And Now He’ll Never Get A Date.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

Stories like this are always tragic…

But this one has a happy ending, because the woman who is the main star put her foot down and didn’t put up with this guy’s bull **** any longer!

Read on and see how she handled this creep.

Divorce me while I am sick? That’s fine, enjoy being single.

“A family friend’s story. I knew this lovely German lady who I will call Heidi. She was married to an Israeli man who I’ll call D.

This guy SUCKED.

D was a jerk for a number of reasons. He worked with my dad in IT who said he had a hero complex where he would cause disasters at work and then try to be the hero and “save the day.”

We even suspect he caused a huge IT disaster at our national airport while he was working there.

Poor lady…

He was also really creepy, he creeped on my younger sister, calling her randomly and asking to pick her up. He was the exact opposite of his wife who was lovely and sweet and charismatic and I have no idea how they ended up together.

Unfortunately, a while after we made friends with them, Heidi got very sick. Her colon stopped working, she almost passed away. Thankfully she was in a country with stellar healthcare who saved her life, but she found it she has Crohn’s disease, and she had to get a colostomy bag.

Then came the big announcement.

While she was recovering from her surgery, D announced he wanted to divorce. His words were, and I quote, “I didn’t marry a sick woman.”

He left her high and dry, and very soon was seeing someone else. He lost all the friends he had made in our country with his awful behaviour, my family told him he was no longer welcome near us as we were there for Heidi.

He finally went back to Israel, apparently he had got into quite a bit of debt while in my country, and skipped off to avoid paying. Good riddance we all said.

Guess who came back around?

Heidi found her feet eventually. She took up photography, and went to university to study it. She did very well for herself, and lived a happy life free from D. After about a year, D contacted Heidi and she told us all about it.

Apparently he was trying to sweet talk her into going over to Israel to go through with the divorce proceedings. According to Heidi, your marital status is on your identity card in Israel, and it’s one of the first things a girl asks to see when you go on a date. When the girls saw he was married on his card, they’d never go for a second date.

I don’t think so!

So every time he’d call her asking when she was coming over, she’d put a huge **** eating grin on and reply, “Ohhh, I don’t know, I’m not really in a position to fly with my condition and all. Maybe when I get better.”

She knew full well he won’t set foot back here because his creditors were still looking for their money back. She would just relish in the knowledge that he was getting rejected by all those women he was pursuing in Israel while she chilled with us having a great time.

What a creep!

Heidi is doing much better now, she went back to Germany, though still visits my family and her friends from time to time. She’s still her awesome self.

I don’t know what D is up to now, but I suspect after all these years he is still a jerk.”

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That guy sounded like a Grade A creep.

We’re glad he got his!