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Her Mom Isn’t Good With Money So Daughter Refuses To Co-Sign A Lease Agreement. Now Her Mom Won’t Speak To Her.

by Matthew Gilligan

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It blows my mind when I hear about how some people’s parents act.

It’s like…who’s the adult here?!?!

And this story definitely falls into that category.

Was this woman an ******* for how she acted toward her mother?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA? Mother will not talk to me because I won’t put my info on her lease agreement.

“My (21F) mother (53F) has always been the extremely controlling type.

This doesn’t sound good…

So much so that my very first whiff of alcohol was at 19, most of my friends started at 16, and I have also have never had a sleepover with any of my female friends (nor any of my family members, haha).

Without dabbling into the details too much, my mom has always had full control over my life.

After having had to drop out of university due to financial constraints, these being me kicked out because the fee-payer stopped paying, I took a couple of customer service jobs.

This wasn’t going well.

Extremely low-paying, terrible work hours, easily pulling a 15 hour shift at least twice a week (7am -10pm). Recently, I got a new job. The pay is good, the work is great but very consuming, you earn every cent you make.

Since getting this new job, I have made it my mission to get myself everything I’ve been begging for, for the last few years. I needed a new phone because my iPhone 7 was absolutely shattered, so I took out a finance plan for it.

I had to get a new laptop for work, financing on that too. And earlier this week, I picked up my new (to me, 11 years old in reality) car. I was the only one of my siblings who was not bought a first car from my parents.

Obviously, the amount of changes happening in my life made it seem as though I had a salary jackpot, I do not. I’m very good at saving.

Her mom noticed what’s going on.

My mother has obviously seen this. I do still live with her in a rental house along with my unemployed dad, unemployed brother and his two kids. Our lease is up at the end of February and so, my parents have been viewing houses.

And her finances aren’t in great shape.

My mother is blacklisted with the credit bureau right now, (side note, she was able to pay up all of her debt in 2020 after selling my childhood home. So all of the debt right now is very new) she has skipped her car payments, skipped her loan payments and pretty much anything else, my mother has a very good job and definitely can afford these things, her lifestyle is entirely too inflated, she spends way too much on entertainment and entertaining.

Due to the blacklisting, the landlords of the properties she wants are not open to offering her a rental. Once again, inflated lifestyle, she only wants the best of the best looking houses.

She has asked me to put my name and info down on her lease and “she will cover the payments”.

When I had asked what it would do to my credit score, she snapped at me and started shouting about why I don’t need a good credit score because I’ve already gotten the things I need on my credit.

She doesn’t want to have anything to do with this.

Obviously, my mom is a terrible payer. That would reflect on my credit score and, at 21, I’m preparing myself to move out into my own apartment in the near future.

My mother is not seeing it this way and has decided to give me the cold shoulder. If I greet her at any point during the day, she looks at me very blankly and continues what she was doing wordlessly.

So Reddit, I want to know, am I the ******* for not just putting my name down on the lease?”

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Time to set some boundaries!

No doubt about that!

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