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Her Mom Keeps Triggering The Security Alarm At Her House, So She Took Back Her Spare Key Because She Can No Longer Trust Her

by Trisha Leigh

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We’d all like to be able to trust our parents with anything, but the truth is, not everyone’s parents deserve that trust.

So, sometimes you have to hold a boundary – even if the person on the other side gave birth to you.

OP rents out her basement suite to a family friend but they have separate space.

I rent my basement suite out to my mom’s best friend’s daughter, Sally. I knew her growing up and I used to babysit her.

The basement has two means of escape other than going into my area. It is fully up to code as an in-law suite.

There is no reason for anyone to go through it into my space.

She was on vacation when her house alarm system went off and she saw her mother and her tenant’s mother in her home.

I went on vacation and I left my door to the basement deadbolted.

Three days into my vacation I get an alert on my phone that there is an unauthorized event at my house.

I look at the video. It’s my mom opening the door for Sally’s mom. They freak out when the alarm goes off. Usually if I need my mom to get into my apartment I will give her a temporary code.

It is always the same one because she gets confused by tech. But I have to activate it beforehand. I cannot do it retroactively.

The only choice would be to call her and give her my personal code.

Instead of answering when they called she ignored them.

I checked the cameras in the house and strangely enough my house is not on fire. I didn’t leave the faucet running. There is no emergency.

This is where I might be the a——.

Once I saw they were just messing with my area for no good reason I put my phone on airplane mode and went back to the party.

Maybe 90 minutes later a concierge at the resort came and said I was urgently needed on the phone.

My dad has written down my whereabouts and they called the front desk for me. I excused myself and went for the call.

Soon, the police wanted to talk to her. OP asked them to take her mother’s spare key.

I asked my mom what the emergency was, why was she getting me out of my friend’s wedding reception, was my house okay, was my dad okay.

She very brusquely told me to shut up and talk to the cops and the security patrol.

I talked to them and apologized for wasting their time. I asked them what the emergency was that brought my mother into my house.

They handed her back the phone and let her tell me that her friend did not want to sit in the basement while she was visiting her daughter. So my mom agreed to come let them use my area and it would be a secret.

I asked the security company to please lock my house back up and take my key back from my mother. She started to protest but I hung up.

Her mother is furious but OP says that’s what she gets for breaking her trust.

I enjoyed the rest of my trip and my dad has agreed to pay any fines or penalties that come from the “false alarm”.

Sally’s mom wants her to move out. That’s fine by me I don’t need a tenant and was only doing it as a favor. Sally is almost apoplectic begging me not to kick her out. She said that she didn’t even know what our moms were up to until the alarm went off.

My mom is pissed that I wasn’t available immediately to get them out of trouble and she is furious that I won’t give her back my key. She thinks I did it on purpose. I’m not sure how she thinks I forced her to break into my home without permission.

So am I the a—— for making them sweat until they got ahold of me? And taking my key back since I can’t trust her now.

The top comment says mom should know actions have consequences.

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Maybe Dad is the responsible one.

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He’s probably not too happy about the bills mom is racking up.

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This person says mom probably won’t try anything again, though.

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This mom is a piece of work.

The gall to not even apologize!

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