March 29, 2024 at 8:28 am

Her Neighbors Started Talking About How Much They Love Their Kids, So She Told Them She’s Childfree By Choice And Feelings Were Hurt

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Evening_Soup427

Let’s be honest: not everyone loves kids.

Heck, not everyone even LIKES kids.

To each their own in that department, of course, but is it rude to actually tell someone that you specifically don’t like THEIR kids?

Check out this Reddit story and see what you think.

AITA for saying to my neighbours I don’t like their kids?

“I (29F) am CF by choice as I don’t want kids and all I’m focused on is my career and my ambitions.

A year ago I brought my first house in an area I fell in love with but there’s loads of kids that live here too, all under 13.

The kids don’t come up to my house or talk to me so I’m okay with that. I also know that every mum and dad out there think their children are the greatest children ever and that’s okay.

What happened was the parents were all outside and so was I and we all had a cup of tea and a nice chat.

She kept quiet…

They immediately started talking about children and I just minded my own business whilst they talked about their kids.

One of my neighbours said that’s why (me) likes my children and my children are her favourite and that’s why she wants kids.

Until she didn’t…

I simply replied back that I’m CF by choice and I stated facts that I don’t like her children or anyone else’s children and I won’t be having children.

She went in doors and seems upset.

The neighbours think I was a bit too harsh.


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One person thinks all parties involved in this story SUCK.

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Another individual had some interesting thoughts…

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This person talked about entitled parents.

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Another person had a different take on things.

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And this Reddit user said she’s NTA.

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Hey, not everyone likes kids.

What are you gonna do?!?!

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