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Her Parents Invited Their Friends And Kids To Her Birthday And They Ruined It, So Daughter Tells Her She Never Wants To See Them Again

by Trisha Leigh

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Birthdays are supposed to be the one day of the whole year that’s just about us. No matter what sort of celebration you enjoy, that is supposed to be true.

So, when someone who supposedly loves you goes out of their way to take over, it rarely sits well.

OP’s birthday was supposed to be just her friends.

I (18, F) recently had my birthday. At first, I was just going to have lunch with my friends at a restaurant.

But my parents insisted on joining us and celebrating it together with us (even though we were going to celebrate at home as a family anyway). I didn’t mind and told them I’d be happy to have everyone together at the party.

Her parents insisted on inviting their friends as well, and the compromise they attempted didn’t really pan out.

It was all going well until my mom told me she also invited her friends to my birthday party. I didn’t want them there because I didn’t know them well enough and it was just supposed to be people close to me.

But she was stubborn about inviting them so I suggested that we could have two timings- one for my mom’s guests and the other for my friends.

She agreed to it and it was settled that we will invite her guests at 12 pm while my friends would be there at 2 pm.

This way, I could spend enough time with my friends and also give enough time to the other guests.

On the day of the party, none of my mom’s guests arrived on time. And only by the time all my friends were there, did they start arriving. I was a bit annoyed but didn’t say anything.

In fact, the daughter of one of her parents’ guests pretty much ruined the entire day.

One of the guests’ daughter (around 6 years old), wouldn’t leave me alone. She clung to me the entire time. Her parents insisted on having her cut my cake (I let her do it since she was just a kid who probably wanted to do it for fun).

But then, she started smashing the cake with her bare hands, wiping her snot on the new dress I was wearing (which was my birthday gift) and even spat on the food.

And her parents, instead of disciplining their kid, stopped the music that my friends and I were playing, and played kids’ music so that their daughter could “show us her dance”.

When she expressed her upset, her mother basically told her to shut up.

I didn’t get to spend a single second with my friends and by the time they left, everything was a mess. I still kept my cool and thanked everyone, including those parents, for coming to the party.

Once everyone left, I started crying and I told mom how her guests ruined my birthday and that I hoped I never have to see them again.

She took it as me blaming her for everything so she started telling me how ungrateful of a child I am and that I didn’t even deserve to have a birthday party. I don’t even know what to tell her anymore.

The top comment just validated OP’s experience.

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Because her party was hijacked by a kid who shouldn’t have been there.

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Or OP could be looking for revenge.

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It’s sad when moms are jealous of their daughters.

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It never works out well for anyone.

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Wow, this mom is pretty tone deaf.

I hope she thinks about what she said and apologizes later.

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