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Her Parents Neglected Her Mental Health Issues When She Was Younger, So When The Finally Get In Touch With Her Out of the Blue, She Says She’s Not Interested

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some people just don’t have the best parents in the world

It’s sad, but true!

And this woman doesn’t feel the need to have a whole lot of contact with her mom and dad.

Is she acting like a jerk?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA For Not Caring About My Parents or Wanting To Get To Know Them?

“I (25F) was the glass child in my family. Youngest of 5, I am the only one without severe health or mental issues so I fell through the cracks.

She’s always been a loner.

I spent almost all my time alone in my room reading or playing video games. I generally didn’t mind this. I want to make it clear here I don’t resent my parents or siblings.

They did not parentify me, or make me my siblings’ caretaker. My things were never taken for the siblings’ benefit. I was just invisible because I didn’t need them the way the other 4 did.

When I was 9 or 10 I made friends with 2 girls who were also in similar situations as mine and we were (and still are!) our own little found family.

I went to college with just those two, I graduated with just those two. I moved to a new state with just those two. My family were busy and that was fine. I didn’t mind because that’s just how life is when you have 4 sick siblings.

Then, out of the blue…

Fast forward to November 2023. Mom calls me 3 days before Thanksgiving.

Which is super unusual because we don’t talk. The last time we spoke on the phone was when she was telling me time and place of a sister’s funeral. We text small talk occasionally. Our relationship is incredibly surface level and honestly thats an improvement from my High School years when we had no relationship.

Mom asks what time to expect me for Thanksgiving. I had no idea they were planning Thanksgiving this year. She never mentioned it before this.

Sorry, too late!

I already had plans also if she wanted me to come for Thanksgiving I would have needed to book a plane ticket months ago, giving me 3 days notice is not okay by me.

She didn’t remember that I lived 2 states away now but was upset that I would leave her “alone” on Thanksgiving, which felt very guilt trippy to me because she has Dad. When I refused to come couple times she hung up on me.

After about 30 minutes of scrolling back to check our messages and making sure I hadn’t missed something (I hadn’t) I sent her a text to let her know I had a skiing trip booked for X-Mas this year but I’d love to catch up with her and Dad after the New Year.

Her dad got involved…

Shortly after I received a text message from Dad telling me that if I didn’t come home for X-Mas he would stop paying for my college.

I reminded him I graduated 3 years ago and that if he was still paying for someone’s school he should look into that because has being scammed.

To be honest, I was pretty mad at this point about the guilt trip and the threats so I just put my phone on mute and ignored it.

Radio silence…

Mom called a couple more times but stopped. She did not text me on Thanksgiving or Xmas and did not respond to me texting her.

Now it’s February, I haven’t spoken to my parents since and my two besties are telling me I’m kind of being a jerk that they would both be super happy if their parents tried to reach out to them.

AITA because I just don’t care that they tried to reach out?”

Let’s see what folks had to say about this.

One reader said she’s NTA.

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Another individual thinks they know what’s really going on here.

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This Reddit user said they just want a caretaker.

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I can’t believe the dad threatened to take away her college fund… when she had graduated 3 years ago.


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