March 24, 2024 at 5:47 pm

Her Parents Wouldn’t Let Her Share A Room With Her Boyfriend, So She Skipped Christmas Entirely Because They Treating Her Like A Child

by Trisha Leigh

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Watching our kids grow up and become adults can be a hard cross for parents to bear – especially when it means losing control over every aspect of their lives.

Also, parents do not love having their morals thrown back in their faces. In general.

OP’s parents have a problem with her sharing a room with her long-term boyfriend.

I (F27) have been with my boyfriend (33) for almost two years now. We will be getting married eventually but it’s not a priority.

My mom won’t let us share a bed if we come see them for any reason.

When we came over this last summer my boyfriend suggested renting a hotel so we could have privacy and a comfortable bed.

They made her promise she wouldn’t bypass the rule again.

It drove my mom nuts that we bypassed her little rules. She wouldn’t drop it the entire time we were there.

She made me promise not to do that again.

So, instead of putting up with it, they decided to spent Christmas with his family in Mexico.

My boyfriend’s mom and dad are retired to Mexico and they are really chill. So we made plans to come visit them over Christmas.

They are not Christian so they don’t really care when they see their son with regards to religious holidays.

We didn’t tell my parents we weren’t coming. My mom asked me at Thanksgiving if I was going to hold to my promise not to stay at a hotel over Christmas.

I answered truthfully that I would not stay at a hotel.

She didn’t tell her parents, though, and some online drama ensued.

I am sitting here on the balcony of my future in-laws condo looking at the Carribean waiting for sunrise and enjoying the peace and quiet.

I made the mistake of going online yesterday and I saw a bunch of posts from my mom and my sisters about how I was a jerk for lying to them about my plans.

I may have been a little tipsy last night because I decided to respond.

I said that it was ridiculous of them to try and tell me I couldn’t share a room with my boyfriend, that I was keeping my promise by not staying at a hotel when we were there, and that if they planned on putting everything on Facebook I would be avoiding all visits for the foreseeable future.

They took down their posts when people started crapping on them for trying to control me. But some people did agree with them.

Now they are texting me and calling to say I was a jerk for making them look bad.

I asked them if they were trying to make me look good with their posts?

They stopped for a while but there were more texts and voicemail this morning.

I’m kind of liking the idea of skipping out on the drama from now on.

But I miss my dad and he is blameless in this.

Does OP deserve to be treated like an adult? Let’s hear what Reddit has to say on the matter!

The top comment says they both behaved badly.

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This person is totally on OP’s side, though.

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And this commenter definitely agrees.

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Others think OP tried to take the easy way out, though.

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They say OP didn’t prove to her parents what she wanted to.

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I’m sure OP had a good time.

But the consequences will be there waiting when she gets back.

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