March 20, 2024 at 7:26 am

Her Sister Is Pregnant Again And She Made Her Feel Bad About It. Now Her Family Members Think She’s a Jerk.

by Matthew Gilligan

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If someone has A LOT of children and they keep having more, is it wrong to try to put them in their place?

That’s the question at the heart of this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” story and people got pretty fired up about it.

Get the details below and see what you think.

AITA for saying “Again??” after my sister announced that she’s pregnant with twins?

“My (21f) sister (32f) has been married to her husband 33m for 8 years.

They already have 6 kids total, the last one born 5 months ago.

Here comes more!

Yesterday, my sister had announced that she’s 3 months pregnant with twins and while everyone was congratulating her, I said out loud “oh my God, again?? Can’t your stupid husband leave you alone??”

I didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it slipped out and my sister looked at me angrily and literally dragged me into another room and asked “Why the **** did you say that?”

She tried to reason with her.

I told her that she and her husband have been pregnant every year for the last 8 years and that she needs to take a break.

I was worried about her having so many babies in such a short time and I didn’t want anything bad happening to her.

She then said “How about YOU leave us alone and worry about your own ****? This is MY life, so **** off”.

That didn’t go well…

My mother told me that I should apologize for being rude but I told her that I won’t apologize for showing concern.

But now I just can’t help thinking that maybe I was being an ******* and sticking my nose into other people’s business.

I was just worried but maybe I was being a jerk.


Here’s how folks reacted to this story.

This person said she’s an *******…kind of…

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Another person said that someone had to say it…

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This individual thinks she did the right thing.

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One person is concerned about those kids.

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This reader said she handled this the wrong way.

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Time to slow the roll… or nah?

A tricky situation for sure.

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