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Her Sister Wouldn’t Stop Giving Her A Hard Time About Her Beauty Contests, So She Got Called Her Out At Their Dad’s Birthday Party

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sibling rivalry is REAL, folks…

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AITA for ruining my dad’s birthday dinner because of an argument with my sister?

“My sister (f29) and I (f23) don’t have the same mother.

My mom has always been quite obsessed with beauty, not only hers but mine as well. She started taking me to beauty contests when I was four, I’ve been in those contents all of my life and I’ve won some. I was/ still am a model.

There are some big differences…

My sister and I are not very much alike, not only physically but also in personality. She has always been shy and more focused on hobbies like reading, writing and painting. She has graduated from med school, she’s very smart. I only finished high school. In my opinion we always had a good relationship and there wasn’t any jealousy.

So, it was our dad’s birthday so we had a small family party for him (my mom, our dad, my two younger brothers and us). There was quite some stuff that she didn’t like. First: I had to eat something different than what they were going to eat because I’m on a diet, she didn’t like that and said I could “suck it up” for one night.

Then we were talking about a beauty contest that my mom wants me to participate in. My sister said that I’m “too old for that ****”. Even when we were talking about my ex boyfriend she told me that it won’t be hard for me to find another sucker who puts up with my “princess behaviour”.

It got worse…

What really set me off was because after dinner and singing happy birthday to our dad, I opened Instagram to post some photos of him/ us. I saw a post from one of my friends who is graduating college this summer. I commented on it to my family and said that I’m very proud of my friend and I’m attending her graduation.

She said “it’s nice to be proud of an achievement like that, not that you would know it since you only have your looks to be proud about”. That was the last straw for me, she had been saying mean things to me all night and then she just called me stupid and made it seem like I’m such an unworthy person.

Things escalated.

I started crying and my mom got very angry at her. She asked her what her problem is and told her to “stop being a *****”. My sister told me to stop being dramatic and acting like a princess, to act like a grown up, she doubled down saying that almost all of my friends are getting degrees and I’m playing Barbie.

I was crying but I still told her that she was being a jerk, she told me I’ve been a jerk her whole life so I should be the one to suck it up for once.

Our dad and my mom finally had enough and they kicked her out. But she sent me a wall of text telling me how I suck, how I’m so vain, how she has had to put up with being the “ugly sister” all her life, how I’m always stealing attention from her.

That didn’t go well…

She even said something about a problem that we had literally years ago with one of her* ex boyfriends. She told me that I messed up our dad’s birthday dinner by not being able to take a joke, which maybe she’s right.

Do you think I was wrong here? Should I try to do something?”

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Family drama…

It never ends…

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