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Her Stepsister Kept Getting Annoyed With A Family Nickname, So She Gave Her An Unflattering One That Made Her Burst Into Tears

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@uglystepsisterkinda

Nicknames are supposed to be fun, right?

Well…not all the time…

And if you grew up in a family with siblings, things can get ugly in a hurry.

In fact, they can get ugly even when you’re an adult!

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she’s to blame for this family drama.

AITA for calling my stepsister the “ugly stepsister” because she freaked out over a nickname?

“My (F29) family jokingly refers to me as “Princess/The Princess”, because I have a reputation for being opinionated and sensitive.

This is mostly because of sensory issues, so certain noises or textures grate on me to an extent that I will leave the room or avoid touching things.

I’m also just a picky person and I like things how I like them.

So my stepdad started referring to me as the Princess, like “don’t open the car window, the Princess will get upset”.

One person doesn’t think this is funny.

My stepbrothers and mum use it as well. It’s a running family joke, well meant, I’ve never been offended by it in the 15 years it’s been a thing.

My stepsister, Georgia (F30) doesn’t like it. She used to snap whenever anyone said it but over the years she just started making the odd passive aggressive comment about it.

Everyone ignores it, because Georgia has a habit of thinking everything is about her, and if it’s not about her, the reason it’s not about her is because we all can’t stand her, which then is still about her.

And now… the fun begins…

So, our whole family is visiting my parents in the countryside for a couple of weeks. Georgia has brought her boyfriend Jason along.

I’ve met Jason a couple of times before at dinners and he’s a nice guy, and he’s fit in well.

This morning, me and my mum were making breakfast and Jason came down and to help out. We normally have breakfast in the kitchen/diner so eventually everyone started gathering at the table.

We always make the tea and coffee last so it’s hot when we eat and we had all the mugs out and Jason offered to make the drinks.

Here we go…

I told him not to do mine because I liked it made a very particular way, and he said “okay Princess I will just watch how you do it so I know for next time” and we laughed.

It. Was. A. Joke.

Oh, no…

The next thing we know, Georgia shouts she’s sick of everyone calling me.

She then swore at Jason for being “just like them (us)”. She said since everyone thinks I’m so special what does that make her, and I replied “the ugly stepsister, obviously”.

No one said anything, but Georgia burst into tears, pushed her plate onto the floor (broke it) and went upstairs, and Jason ran after her.

He’s since come down to apologise for her, she hasn’t come out of her room.

Oh, boy…

My stepbrothers are on my side, the parents say I should have just not said anything and she would have calmed down, and that I went too far picking at an insecurity.

That might be true, but I’m sick of her making everything about her. The joke doesn’t have anything to do with her, and I am (as are my stepbrothers) sick of her acting out to force everyone to behave how she wants them to.

Am I the ******* for taking the argument there?”

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She might’ve taken things too far…

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