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His Cousin Named Her Son The Same Name As His Kid, And Now He Refuses To Call Him By His Name

by Trisha Leigh

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People using other people’s baby names is a thing that comes up pretty often on Reddit. Usually, Reddit comes down on the side of “no one owns a name, so get over it.”

This time, though, there are a few extra details that could tip the scale.

OP and his cousin have always been competitive with each other.

I (33F) have a cousin (32F) who has always been in a competition with me. I did not care, because this whole idea of let’s see who is better is just foreign to me.

We applied to the same University, but she did not get in. She ended up going to another University which she then kept on claiming is better anyways.

Again, couldn’t care less, I was just happy she is not at the same school so I don’t have to put up with this nonsense anymore.

He had a baby a year ago, and now his cousin has used the same name.

Fast forward to now, we see each other at family gatherings twice a year, we both have jobs and are past the point of comparison etc. I had a baby boy last year and we named him a common name, so nothing like a grandfather`s name or anything, there are many people called like that.

I claim no ownership of that name. Last month my cousin delivered a baby boy as well.

When she and her husband announced she was pregnant, they already knew they are having a boy but refused to share what name they had picked for him.

I made nothing of it, thought they probably just wanted to feel special and announce the name in a big way or that maybe they had chosen some made up name and did not want our family to judge them for it or try to talk them out of it.

I asked her about the name again later and she said they are not sharing it and that even her parents don’t know. I said ok and dropped it.

Last month she delivered the baby and surprise surprise, she named her son the same name my 1 year old is called. I was shocked at first and did not understand why they kept the name a secret and did not tell me.

OP finds it confusing so he doesn’t call the baby by his given name.

I don`t mean ask for my permission, because obviously I do not have copyrights to that name, but at least say “hey, would that bother you? we love the name, just wanted to let you know” etc.

That is what I would have done at least. I would have even asked my colleague or a neighbor, not just a friend or family, if I was about to name my kid the same name they named theirs.

My mom thinks I am overreacting and that there is nothing to it, people can name their kids whatever they like.

I agree and I guess I am not angry that they chose the same name, because that is in a way flattering, but that they kept it a secret and I can’t think of any good reason why – other than they knew it wasn’t nice and wanted to avoid having to justify their decision or risking me telling them I don`t agree and that they should choose another name.

I am pissed at my cousin and now whenever someone is mentioning the name of our sons, I do not know who they are referring to. I refuse to call her son by his name, so far I only referred to him as “the baby” or “the little one”, which I know is awful because the poor kid is in no fault here, but I just can’t say the name and not think of my kid.

Anyway, I might be still mad about the childhood competition so my judgment is not clear so I am here for an insight – Am I the a—— for making a big deal out of it?

Does Reddit think he has a case? Let’s hear them out!

The top comment says OP isn’t wrong to be upset, but that he shouldn’t punish the kid, either.

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Or he could always take the petty road.

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This is another tactic that could work.

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But this person doesn’t see the issue.

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Talk about passing down issues to the younger generation.

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I think this is extremely weird.

I wouldn’t have used a baby name my cousins used, and we see each other once a year.

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