March 19, 2024 at 12:55 am

His Daughter Went Into Labor, So He Told His Ex That She Needed To Take Their Kids For The Weekend. Drama Ensued.

by Trisha Leigh

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Different ways of looking at life is one of the things that can contribute to struggles in our relationships.

Such as, for instance, what people consider to be an emergency.

OP has three daughters who are half sisters. He usually has his younger twins on the weekends.

This is messy.

I (40m) have been married to my wife Cindy off and on. We had a child together who is now 17.

We had a rocky part in our marriage and split for a few years, where I met a woman Stacy.

We were together for a while, having twins together, ages 12. Stacy and I split up, bc she ended up being unfaithful.

2 years later I had reconciled with Cindy, we got my twins every weekend due to our work schedules.

One weekend, his 17yo went into early labor so he told his ex he couldn’t have his girls.

This past weekend my oldest daughter went into early labor. It was also my weekend with my twins.

I had told Stacy on the way to the hospital that I would not be able to have them this weekend due to this.

I had put my phone on silent and away, due to a lot going on.

When I returned to my phone I had a bunch of text from Stacy saying how I needed to go home and be with my twins, and how Cindy could handle this situation.

I told her absolutely not, that I wasn’t missing the birth of my grandchild.

She didn’t think early labor of a teenager was any excuse.

She then responded angrily saying how I was picking my oldest daughter over my youngest and how wrong that was since they can only see me on the weekends anyways.

I tried texting and calling multiple times throughout the weekend, getting no responses.


Now he’s questioning himself.

The top comment says your minor child in a difficult medical moment definitely qualifies as an emergency.

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Also, OP says he’s been flexible with his ex in the past.

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They need to try to work together.

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And honestly, most people consider labor – especially unplanned labor – to be an emergency.

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It’s a normal weekend vs a giant life event.

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The ex is wrong on this one.

He’s exactly where he needs to be for his children.

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