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His Girlfriend Tried To Cheat On Him, So This High School Senior Gets Satisfying Payback By Leading Her On And Dropping Her Right Before Prom

by Chris Allen

CheatNoProm His Girlfriend Tried To Cheat On Him, So This High School Senior Gets Satisfying Payback By Leading Her On And Dropping Her Right Before Prom

Petty Revenge on Reddit exists for a reason.

Most posters know to a “t” how petty they are, or were.

And people love to flock and share their opinions on the matter.

Some stories, like this one about a couple of high school students, really strike at the center of those opinions.

So get out the popcorn!

Ex-gf tried to cheat so I permanently scarred her emotionally by not taking her to prom

I was always a grade focused student and missed out on a lot of HS experiences, like having a gf.

My senior year, I loosened up and started dating.

Eventually, I met a foreign transfer student who shared common interests with me, and she became my gf after a month of casual dates.

She had some serious prom dreams…

Because she grew up mostly outside the US, she dreamed of going to a real prom.

I was stoked to take her and make her dream come true.

However a few weeks before the dance, I found out through friends that she was texting another guy asking if he was down to hook up.

YIKES. Cue: revenge plot.

She didn’t know I tutored this guy before and we were friendly.

Once he found out I was her bf, he showed me her texts and told me nothing happened.

I wasn’t angry with him but I was livid with her, and played it off like I knew nothing.

She excitedly bought her dress and made appointments to get her hair and makeup done, and kept talking about plans for the dance.

The day of prom, I texted her that I knew about her attempts to cheat and that we were done.

But he had a good night anyway…

I went with a close female friend who knew the situation and needed a date. We had a great time and made awesome memories.

My ex never got to go to her senior prom because she couldn’t get another date last minute, and it scarred her emotionally and mentally because she not only got labeled a cheater at our HS but her dream never came true.

Years later, friends tell me she’s still extremely bitter about missing out on the epitome of HS dances.

I feel no guilt.

Kinda sounds like karmic…justice…?

It’s young. It’s petty. What more did you expect?

Let’s see what folks had to say.

One person had a fantastic idea for the ultimate revenge.

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Another person saw red flags all over that ex.

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Yeah, I had this same feeling too…

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Another commenter helped put it all in perspective.

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Young & Petty. The new Neil Young / Tom Petty album.

Oh it’s just high school drama.


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