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His Nephew Needed A Lesson In Humility, So They Went For The Hot Wing Challenge

by Trisha Leigh

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There are way too many stories online about people who think they can eat the hottest thing ever and survive just because they are “tough.”

If I’ve learned anything on Reddit, it’s that only fools want to even try.

OP’s friend’s nephew was a bit of a braggart.

This story comes from my friends Adam and Belle and involves Adam’s nephew, who lived in the Southwest (US) at the time. He earned the nickname Hotshot as a result of this.

Nephew Hotshot was a braggart. He always had the loudest motorcycles, the hottest girls and the highest scores at arcade games.

According to Belle and Adam, he was a good kid but he could’ve used a lesson in humility.

So, he decided to suggest a restaurant with a hot wing challenge.

Adam and Belle are visiting Hotshot and his family and they decide to go out to dinner one night.

Adam was looking up restaurants in the area and found a local place that advertised “The Hot Wings from Hades”.

At this restaurant, there is a challenge where if you can finish 1lb (about 10 pieces) of The Hot Wings from Hades, you get a picture and name on The Wall of Fame, a t-shirt that says “I Ate the Hot Wings from Hades and Survived” and your meal comped.

Everyone clearly thought it was a bad idea, but the nephew wouldn’t hear it.

As you can probably guess, Adam’s recommendation they go there was an invitation for Hotshot to say “Oh yeah! Those wings are nothing! I can eat the Hot Wings without breaking a sweat!”

Adam, figuring this was the opportunity to teach Hotshot a lesson said “Oh yeah? 50 bucks says you can’t.”

“You’re on!” Hotshot said and they shook on it.

They get settled in the restaurant and the waitress comes to take their order. Chest puffed out with pride, Hotshot said “I’m here for the Hot Wings Challenge!”

The waitress rolled her eyes and said “Okay, Hot Wings for Mr. Hotshot.” She wrote it on her pad. “Just so you know, that comes with all the free milk you want.”

It’s here that Hotshot sealed his fate.

“I’ll have a Bud Lite on tap instead, if you don’t mind!”

“May the Lord have mercy on your soul.” The waitress said before shouting to the kitchen. “Jack— at Table 9 wants the Hot Wings from Hades with a Bud Lite. NO FREE MILK!”

In the end, he probably learned a thing or two.

Their dinner comes out…complete with disposable gloves (to prevent capsaicin burns) and a waiver.

At this point, word has spread that some poor soul is about to complete the Hot Wings from Hades Challenge and a crowd gathers. The manager on duty is there to make sure Hotshot actually finishes the wings on his own.

After saying “You better have the camera ready and I wear a Large”, Hotshot signs the waiver, dons the gloves and takes his first few bites. “See! This is nothing!” He said, finishing one wing. Second wing come along, no problem.

An important thing about capsaicin is that it sometimes takes a little bit to kick in…something Hotshot learned on his third wing.

He’s sweating up a storm, tears are rolling down his face and he looks like a tomato had smashed into his face.

Belle, Adam and the rest of the family are laughing so hard that tears are rolling down their cheeks. The other patrons are chanting “Eat! Eat! Eat!”

But poor Hotshot can’t even continue.

While all this is going on, the waitress has been preparing a tray with a pitcher and a shot glass. When she notices Hotshot struggling, she comes over with the tray and asks (ever so kindly) “Would you like some milk, sweetie?”

Hotshot (either too much in pain or too embarrassed) nodded.

“Because you didn’t want the free milk, it’s $5 a shot.”

He downed two whole pitchers of milk, with the waitress counting how many shots he downed.

At the end of it all, Hotshot was out $300. This included the basket of wings, the shots of milk and what he owed Adam.

Adam said it had to be the most expensive lesson in Hotshot’s life. He wasn’t in such a braggy mood after that.

Way too many people are making this mistake.

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I don’t see how pain could be delicious.

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Apparently it’s a bit of an acquired taste.

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There’s more than one kind of spicy I guess.

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I’m sure I couldn’t get far enough to notice.

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I kind of feel badly for the nephew.

That kind of spice isn’t easy to forget.

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