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His Sister Brags About Her Daughter And Insulted His Kid’s Looks, So He Finally Tells Her That Nobody Cares About Her Kid

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@NinaChild

No one cares!

That’s really not a very nice thing to say to anyone…but is it necessary sometimes?

Well, apparently this guy thought so and he let his sister have an earful.

Did he go too far?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for telling my sister that no one cares about her child?

“My wife, “Emily,” gave birth to our lovely daughter 5 months ago and she is just a joy.

This is a high-profile kid!

My niece (10), “Sofia,” is a pretty successful child model. Since the age of 2, she’s been on billboards, commercials, clothing advertisements, etc. She’s done work for many well-known brands and her career seems to blossom.

My sister, “Nina,” is very proud, understandably, of her daughter. Every time Sofia books a gig, Nina immediately texts the entire family about her daughter.

She’ll “subtly” brag to us about how successful her daughter is, how she’s paying for the water bill at 10 years, or how Sofia is the true “star” of the family. It can be annoying, but it’s harmless for the most part.

Since Emily and I gave birth, Nina has been making passive-aggressive comments about our daughter’s looks.

Oh, boy…

For example, when we first shared a picture of our newborn daughter in the family group chat, Nina replied with, “Oh she’s beautiful, but not as pretty as my Sofia.”

Or, when my mother made an offhand comment about how she already resembles my wife, Nina said, “Yeah, they share the same “unique” features.” (She was not saying “unique” in a kind way).

These are only a few examples.

For the most part, I’ve been able to brush these off. It’s not worth something starting a big fight over.

Nina and Sofia came over last weekend. Now, I’ve been a bit distant from Nina since I’ve had my daughter. Her comments about my daughter’s appearance and passive-aggressive digs at my wife have not sat right with me. However, I thought to extend an olive branch since she really wanted to see our daughter.

We had a chocolate cake for dessert. Sofia told us that she couldn’t eat it because her mother (Nina) said to her that chocolate and “refined sugars” will give her pimples.

Nina opened her mouth.

Emily reassured her that it was nothing to worry about, and Nina immediately interjected and said “Oh she does! Cause look at you (Emily).”

I was stunned. However, Emily gave me a look that told me to drop it.

So I did. I hoped that was the only backhanded comment of the afternoon.

Nina spent the entire lunch talking about Sofia. She kept saying that Sofia was destined to be a star from birth, or that Nina was the “better grandchild.” The entire afternoon was uncomfortable, with Nina bragging about Sofia’s accomplishment, and Sofia and I awkwardly following along.

It gets worse!

Emily mentioned how our daughter is beginning to sit up. Nina cuts in saying how our daughter could easily book a role, but her downside is that she’s “just an ugly baby.”

When we looked at her shocked, she complained that “HER daughter looked much better at that age and was already primed to be a star.”

Shut up about it!

Maybe I was extremely sleep deprived, but I yelled at Nina that “I couldn’t care less about Sofia and I want to enjoy my meal in peace.”

Nina was offended and left in a hurry, after cursing my wife and my child out. Emily says that I probably shouldn’t have said that in front of Sofia.”

Let’s see what folks had to say about this.

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That’s a wild one!

Good grief!

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