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His Sister Wants To Bring The Family’s Tarantulas With Them To Stay While They Get A House Issue Fixed, But He Says They Have To Leave Them Behind

by Trisha Leigh

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In the spirit of “different strokes for different folks,” people have a whole range when it comes to an affinity for pets.

Forget cats and dogs, there are folks who love snakes, frogs, lizards, bugs, possums – you name it.

OP and his wife are pregnant and she’s supposed to avoid stress.

I (30m) have been married to my wife “Naomi” (29f) for 3 years, but have been together for over 10 years and we are expecting our first child together.

Naomi is currently 6.5 months pregnant and I’m not going to lie but her pregnancy is considered high risk and our doctor advised her to avoid any stressful situations because of it.

His sister and her husband, who have a variety of non-traditional pets, need a place to stay for awhile.

About 6 months ago my sister “Kate” (38f) have bought a new build house with her husband Bob (40m) so they can accommodate all my nephews who are 17m, 15f, 7f and twins that are 14 months old.

Their house is 6 bedroom, extra bedroom is used as Bob’s hobby room. Bob is a lot into insects and spiders, so he has a few tarantulas, cockroaches etc.

Now to the issue.

Latest survey has discovered that Kate’s house is not safe to live in due to some construction issues. I don’t know why it hasn’t been picked up earlier, but now they have nowhere to live and have started a legal battle against the company responsible for building the house to get their money back.

Currently they can not afford to buy another house or rent as prices for the places for rent are way too high in their area.

Due to this my sister has asked me if they can temporarily move in with me and Naomi.

Naomi inherited a large house from her parents. It is an older victorian house that still requires a lot of work, so far we have only replaced all the windows to keep the warmth in.

OP said they could stay with them as long as they leave the spiders somewhere else, as his wife has a phobia.

The house has enough space for my sister and her family, and I said they can move in with us as long as they don’t bring their tarantulas and other insects with them as my wife is terrified of spiders (to the point of passing out or having a severe panic attack and Bob has them escaping frequently).

Bob refused.

This resulted in a massive argument where I was called an a—— for not providing my sister and her family with accommodation at the time of need over some spiders.

They’re acting like he’s tossing them out on the street.

The top comment says OP’s brother-in-law might want to re-think his priorities.

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He could probably find another way if he tried.

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This person confirms it’s possible.

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OP and his wife were already being kind.

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Joking aside, they should be able to find a place for their critters and their humans.

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This is one entitled dude.

I think he needs to put things into perspective.

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