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His Sister Wouldn’t Stop Calling Him A ‘Parasitic Leech,’ So He Removed His Financial Support Of Her Freeloading Smartphone Plan

by Trisha Leigh

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It wasn’t so long ago that people grew up without computers, phones, tablets, an of it – the best we had was pagers, y’all.

Today, of course, living without technology is unimaginable. At least, it is for most of us.

OP is living at home because it’s better for everyone financially.

I’m 28 years old and live in a town with an inflation crisis. I moved back in with my parents since we have a good relationship. I buy all the groceries and pay the electric bill.

My little sister (16), however, was not happy.

His parents have never had much use for technology.

My parents are anti-tech — they are not part of a cult, they just avoid tech and prefer to live a simple life.

The only modern tech they use is a laundry machine, a car, a flip phone, and a TV. Our parents don’t, however, take away our gadgets if we paid for it ourselves.

When I turned 18 and looked for my first job, I had to handwrite a resume since I didn’t have a computer or a printer.

It’s hard to get a job while still in school because of the poor job market in our town.

His little sister won’t stop calling him names and being awful, so he took back the cell phone he bought her.

My sister was saying that I should be a man and move out again.

A few weeks ago she started continuously calling me a “freeloader” and a “parasitic leech”.

My little sister was lucky, I bought her a smartphone with data plan since she was a young child, yet she was continuously calling me all these names.

Eventually my little sisters constant name calling got on my nerves and I came up with an idea.

As the smartphone is under an active installment plan, I simply ‘repossessed’ the smartphone. Now she is having the same childhood I had.

Oh, and she stopped with the name calling.

Enjoy the Amish lifestyle little sis.

Funny how she shut her mouth afterward.

The top comment says it’s a tale as old as time.

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Actions have consequences, sis.

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There’s also a bit of pot-kettle situation going on.

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This person had a couple of clarifications.

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Oh, man, can you IMAGINE?

Screen Shot 2024 03 14 at 10.57.43 PM His Sister Wouldnt Stop Calling Him A Parasitic Leech, So He Removed His Financial Support Of Her Freeloading Smartphone Plan

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I bet they can come to some sort of arrangement.

After she eats crow for a few meals in a row, of course.

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