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His Wife Has Diabetes But Keeps Eating Sweets, So He Tries To Control Her Behavior. It Doesn’t End Well.

by Chris Allen

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Caring for a loved one is such a tightrope.

We want nothing but the absolute best for them.

But sometimes the way we go about showing that care isn’t the most delicate.

Or even the most tactful.

This is a wonderful story, and subsequent comments, about how that care can sometimes go too far.

AITA for not letting my wife eat what she wants to

My (30M) wife (29F) has a case of type 2 diabetes that runs in her genes.

Even though my wife knows that she has diabetes she doesn’t seem to care at all that she has diabetes. She has been on a strict medication that her doctor has set her which has been some foods and she’s not allowed to eat fried/sugary stuff as this will raise her sugar levels.

Yesterday i went to the the shop and she came with me and i bought what we needed to get and she just followed along with me.

As we are at the till she says that she needs to go to the toilet and will meet me outside.

He comes back outside to a sight he doesn’t like at all.

When i’m done with paying i go outside only to see my wife opening a packet of haribos which the doctor says she’s not allowed to eat.

I quickly run over before she open it and i grab it out of her hand and throw it in the bin.

She starts getting angry saying that i’m a jerk and overprotective and she starts crying almost saying how it’s not fair how she’s not allowed to eat sweets.

I tell her to stop and say that i cannot let her eat that.

She absolutely responded in a negative way.

And needless to say, they were both peeved the rest of the day.

She grabs my keys for my car and she drives away leaving me at the shop. I call her over and over and she doesn’t pick up.

I’m absolutely furious at her and start walking home. As soon as i’m home i see her eating fried food on the sofa and i grab the food out of her hand saying that you cannot eat that.

I also yell at her saying that she’s selfish leaving me at the shop like that. She doesn’t care and picks up the food and shoves it at my face and calls me a jerk and leaves the house.

I don’t know where she is and not sure if i’m the AH.

I love her a lot and i cant let her eat those types of foods as it’s bad for her.


That’s a rough one, no?!

Folks on Reddit were really split on this one.

And for good reason.

It’s a genuine middle-of-the-road story!

One person recognized that the wife needs some serious help.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another person gave the ESH vote, acknowledging his heart was in the right place.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One more Redditor noted he can’t treat his wife like a child and expect good results.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While one person voted NTA, saying this was a huge issue.

Source: Reddit/AITA


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