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His Wife Is Never Ready On Time So He Left Her At Home Without Warning, So She Left Him A Note Telling Him He Can Sleep On The Couch

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@michael_g_krahn

This is just my take, but I think if you’re married to someone, you probably already know if they have issues with time management already and you’ve obviously learned to accept them because you FREAKIN’ MARRIED THAT PERSON.

But the guy who wrote this story on Reddit obviously doesn’t feel that way…

Check out what he had to say and see if you think he treated his wife badly.

AITA for driving away without my wife because she can’t plan?

“For the past week, my wife and I had been anticipating a baseball game for which we had purchased tickets.

We like baseball, but we don’t attend many games, so traveling into the city to see games is a rare treat. I know, though, that it would take time to drive there and find parking, due to traffic.

He was on a schedule.

Because the game started at 7 PM, and we live about 45 minutes from the stadium, I told her this morning that she needed to be ready to get in the car and go by 6 PM.

Well, my wife is an avid gamer, so she was engrossed in her latest video game when the clock struck 5:45 PM.

She has struggled to plan in the past, and I get tired of reminding her that she needs to budget time to get ready.

It’s as if she has no concept of time at all, similar to a young child.

He made a bold choice.

Well, I was ready to go by 6 PM, and she was in the bathroom. I saw this as an opportunity to teach her personal responsibility, so I simply left the house without saying a word, got in the car, and started driving to the game.

It took my wife a few minutes to figure out what I had done, but when she called me, she was absolutely furious.

She said that it was a completely unacceptable move for me to leave without telling her and that she now had no way to get to the game without paying for parking.

I told her that I got tired of constantly waiting for her and that she would plan better next time if she didn’t want to get left behind. I also reminded her that I had told her that morning when I expected her to be ready to leave. Absolutely none of this seemed to matter, though, and she rudely hung up on me after yelling out more insults.

This does sound pretty annoying…

Frankly, I think it’s completely insane that a grown woman is unable to budget her time, and I’m starting to suspect that she is doing this on purpose because she’s a narcissist who expects me to accommodate her. After all, she’s not a dumb woman. She has a science degree.

Well, she never showed up to the stadium, and I didn’t hear from her the whole game, but when I got home, there was a note on the door. She told me that I wasn’t welcome in the bedroom and that I should sleep on the couch.

I can’t believe she wants to be this much of a pill. If I had waited for her, I would have missed the first pitch.

I made my expectations clear, and she couldn’t be bothered to meet them.

I feel like she should be apologizing to me.


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Chill out, bro!

Actually…I might’ve driven away, too…

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