March 6, 2024 at 10:57 pm

Home Depot Customer Made $2,000 Of Returns, They Took The Items Back And Then Rejected The Return Amount Later. – ‘So that’s just gone, like they can’t find it.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

More big box store problems. And there’s nothing more frustrating than money problems. Especially if you feel like you’re getting screwed over.

And store credit cards just seem to be the bane of so many peoples’ existence these days. But sometimes, opening one just seems like the exact right move!

One woman on TikTok went through a nightmare-like scenario with Home Depot.

And she brought us along for the ride.

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

She drops us right in.

“We got a credit card from Home Depot because we’re flipping a house, and they said if you just get a credit card you can put everything on there. It keeps it all organized, and you can make all those returns, it should be really simple.”

That actually sounds like a logical move, given her big project.

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

She continues where the crux of the issue shows up.

“I go in there and make this huge return of like just under $2,000.”

She explains that $700 of that went into this account when she first opened the card.

“And so that’s just gone, like they can’t find it.”

Excuse me?!

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

The real kicker is at the end.

“And then $900 I went to actually return the items, and they took all the items and they didn’t give me the $900, and they said that it was rejected later.”

That could not be more sketchy, based on that explanation.

Check out her full breakdown here:


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Let’s see what folks had to say about this saga.

One person had some advice. Give that triple B a ring.

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

Another person started a convo with OP, that it might just be in store credit.

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

While one commenter saved the best advice for last.

Source: TikTok/@tealb1

This is insanely frustrating.

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