March 7, 2024 at 2:36 pm

Hooters Server Wears Her “Birthday Sash” Over A Three-Day Work Week, And Ends Up Snagging $500+ In Tips. – ‘I probably would have made more.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

It’s not really seen as a feminist option as a job but one server could be putting an end to that stereotype after bagging $575 cash in tips working just three days on her birthday week.

And frankly against the cost of living crisis, this young woman is showing a lot of folk how a Hooters server could be the perfect option to earn extra cash.

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

@savwayy donned her ‘Happy Birthday’ sash and told her followers on TikTok: “Let’s see how much I make working at Hooters on my birthday. I don’t actually work on my birthday, but I work today, which is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and I also work the 26th, which is Friday. But I’ll wear my birthday sash all of those days. And we’re gonna see how much I make.”

Frankly, watching this I wanted to scream ‘Go girl’. I mean hello, she is completely right to make that cash in tips. Though, inevitably some people won’t support this just because she’s working at Hooters. Which is kinda old really.

On the Sunday shift the server walked out with a crazy $272 in tips. She said: “I got $10 from someone at the bar just for it being my birthday.”

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

Nice technique there girl! But she wasn’t done. Course not. And I mean who doesn’t celebrate their birthday all week (cough.)

But the server missed the Monday shift as she was off sick. But she was right back at it on Tuesday and walked away with $121 in tips and that’s even though it was a Monday morning!

She said: “Morning shifts are always slower than night shifts.”

On her last day of this birthday experiment, the Friday, she finished early but still made $178 in tips.

She continued: “I probably would have made more. But since I went home around 2, I still made really, really good money.”

She counted out all that lovely cash – and by the way cash is still KING.

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

“I made $571 total. That’s how much I made working my birthday,” she said, finishing with a smile.

Well done you!

Watch the full money-making clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the Hooters’ birthday shifts:

A lotta folk wanting to move job to Hooters – but y’all must know this has gotta be rare!

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

Well. Now. Where do I start?

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

She’s just a nice girl too, which makes this even better!

Source: TikTok/@savwayy

Good for you, girl!

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