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Husband Keeps Planning Expensive Vacations, But His Wife Doesn’t Seem To Appreciate Them. So He Decides To Throw In The Towel.

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

“But I don’t waaaaaaaaaant to go to Hawaii!”

Boy it sounds REALLY childish, doesn’t it?

While the rest of us would be, for the most part, ecstatic at such a vacation.

Well here’s a story where the 2 characters in question just seem…


AITA for not taking my wife on expensive vacations?

I can afford to take my wife on expensive vacations. She is just an incredible pain in the a** when I do so.

I have taken my wife on some really amazing trips in my opinion. And every single time she has spent the entire trip complaining.

It’s really wearing on him.

So I have given up.

I now either let her plan our vacations with zero input from me or I plan nice local stays for us.

For example I will get us VIP concert tickets and a very nice hotel in the center so we can have a great evening.

When she plans our vacations they are pretty basic. She planned a trip to Hawaii. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. But we didn’t do anything great.

I would have planned a helicopter trip to see all the volcanoes and jungles from the movies. We mostly stayed in Honolulu and saw Pearl Harbor.

But then he got to thinking…

I honestly didn’t realize it but it has been five years since I took my wife somewhere I would consider amazing. That was a two week trip to Iceland.

She recently asked me why I took vacations with my friends and family that everyone talked about all year long but when we went on vacation it was a weekend in Branson.

I told her that I just know she does not enjoy extravagant trips.

She said she totally does.

Here’s where the whole story tips in OP’s favor, though.

So I pointed out everything she said about all our trips.

I said it was disheartening spending a month planning something great only for her to spend the entire time dunking on it and then telling everyone how bad a time she had.

She said I was an AH for “keeping score” and now I am sleeping in the guest house.

Just YIKES. The whole situation.

And the comments section was just as skeeved.

Like this person, who thought the wife was just downright spoiled.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While another person was kinda where I lined up on this: ESH.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One person absolutely could not see themselves on a vacation with a person like the wife.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One Redditor actually had some great advice for the couple.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Can I go to Hawaii in your place? Please?

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