March 29, 2024 at 6:37 am

‘I don’t think this community is for you.’ – Renter Said A Rude Leasing Agent Talked Her Out of Touring An Apartment Based On How She Looked

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@sof.temp

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Especially if you’re in real estate!

But that’s what happened to a woman named Sofia who had a bad experience with a rental agent while looking for an apartment in Boston.

Sofia said she wasn’t exactly dressed to the nines when she met with the rental agent because she had just gone to a spin class.

She added that it seemed like the agent wanted her out of there “so fast.”

Sofia explained, “I walk in, to which I’m greeted with, you know, Stacy going on and on about ‘I just don’t think we have anything for you’, ‘I don’t think you’ll really like any of the units’, ‘I don’t think this community is for you.'”

Source: TikTok/@sof.temp

Sofia said, “She looked me up and down and judged me right away.”

She continued, “Stacy, I signed up for this tour days ago, and I saw other time slots chosen on the website, so I know you’re doing more than just me today. Newsflash, this isn’t Florida.”

The agent also said to her, “I just want to be fully transparent: We only accept residents who are approved, and that is based off of income.”

Source: TikTok/@sof.temp

When Sofia told her how much money she makes, the agent did a 180 and the woman immediately warmed up to her.

But Sofia was over it.

She said, “I would rather put every dollar I’ve ever made into a paper shredder than know that it’s going onto your commission paycheck. You should not treat people differently based on their income, OK?”

Source: TikTok/@sof.temp

Check out her video.


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Now let’s see what viewers said about this.

This person thinks she needs to report this woman.

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Another person had a bad experience.

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And this TikTokker wants to go the petty route…

Source: TikTok/@sof.temp

I’m glad she put them on blast.

That’s a big no-no!

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