March 8, 2024 at 10:44 pm

‘If you think you got away with it, no you didn’t.’ – Target Employee Reveals How Target’s Top Rated Forensic Lab Keeps Track Of Stolen Merchandise

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

Some people really just can’t help themselves. The five finger discount, sticky fingers, “lifting” or whatever you call it, it can still land you in some serious trouble!

Sure, we’ve all thought about stealing a candy bar from the gas station, or slipping a little something into our pocket.

But according to this user, Target is not the place to try your luck!

In a TikTok posted by @reddnea, they warn that even if you think you’ve successfully shoplifted from Target, they know exactly what you’ve taken, and are just waiting to book you!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

Kaitlynd starts their video with a serious warning: “If you borrowed from Target and think you got away with it, no you didn’t. You just opened a case on yourself.”

For all of those like me who weren’t in the know, “borrowing” is a nicer way of saying stealing, and one that doesn’t flag TikTok’s censors!

“Their cameras are not fake, they have asset protection. And they also have secret shoppers, so they look like customers but they’re watching you.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

“The next time you go into target, look up at the cameras. They’re not fake. Target will know you are borrowing, and they will just let you walk out of the store.”

But they specified that this isn’t because Target doesn’t care, but instead that they actually come down super hard on theft.

“They have facial recognition software.” And Target uses this software to actually create a composite of your face.

“They’ll take pictures from different cameras in the store and merge them together to get a clear image of who you are.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

And once they have your face, Kaitlynd says they have your number!

“They’re gonna let you continue to borrow things until you reach a certain dollar amount.”

And this dollar amount is actually the legal threshold for charging someone with grand larceny!

“If you’re at $895 (of stolen merchandise), as soon as you walk out that door with $5 of merchandise, they will have cops waiting for you.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

And they say they are able to do this because of their incredible forensic team, “I’m not kidding. Target literally runs one of the top rated forensic labs. They have the FBI working for them.”

So Kaitlynd warns, if you have stolen from Target before, even if you thought you got away with it, do not take anything else!

“They will have you arrested on the spot. When you hit that threshold, grand larceny, you will go to jail. Swear.”

Check out her warning for yourself!


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TikTok confirmed Kaitlynd’s warning, with this user saying her boyfriend tells her all the asset protection gossip!

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

And this user said she was still nervous to shop at Target even though she’d never stolen a day in her life.

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

This commenter said Target busted her brother on the exact same charges.

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

Some users took this to mean they had $900 of free stuff to steal!

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

And finally, this user said to take this advice with a grain of salt!

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

If you’ve ever gone into Target and felt like there’s someone watching you…

Now you know why!

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