March 24, 2024 at 8:29 pm

Know-It-All Boss Didn’t Want an Employee Questioning Her, So They Printed Invitations With the Wrong Info And Made Her Look Foolish

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Affectionate_Fact109

Have you ever had a boss who just won’t listen AND thinks they know the best way to do everything?

Most of us have been there!

And it can be pretty exhausting

Check out how this worker dealt with a boss who needed to be taught an expensive lesson.

Want me to quit arguing with your orders cause you know better, fine.

“So I work in a print shop and my boss is a huge control freak and also a know it all.

She got tired of me questioning her orders one day and told me I was no longer allowed to question what she tells me, and to “just shut up and do what I’m told”

This lady really was a know-it-all.

A couple hours later comes an invitation from the non-profit group that she’s a member of. And in the customer’s email, the location of the event was spelled correctly.

But she thought it was wrong and rather than googling it she just made me change it to what she thought it was supposed to be.

Whatever you say…

So with having been told to shut up and do what was told, I did.

We printed 150 invitations with the wrong event venue name on them and delivered them to the organization. The organization that she was a part of.

Next day they call upset because they sent me the correct information and got cards with the wrong info.

Boss lady asked me what happened and I simply said “You told me change it so I didn’t question it and did what you told me.”

And the funny thing is she was donating the job so now it cost her twice as much.”

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Some people just never learn…

Good grief!

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