March 8, 2024 at 10:27 am

Licensed Nail Tech Reveals The Disgusting Truth About Nail Salons. – ‘One in four guests leave with a bacterial or fungal infection.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

Nothing will get you feeling yourself more than a fresh set of nails!

And even though I love doing my nails myself, I have to admit going to a nail salon gets you that polished precise look that you just can’t replicate yourself!

But after hearing this licensed Nail Tech’s warning, you all might be with me in learning how to do french tips yourself!

TikTok user @thewnailbar posted a video warning people about the hidden dangers of going to a nail salon, namely the 25% of customers that walk away with some sort of infection!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

She starts her video with a bombshell about Nail Salons that will have you reconsidering that mani-pedi.

“First and foremost: Nail Salons are notoriously dirty.” If that’s true, it really makes you wonder why they always smell so strongly of cleaning solution!

“The stats are that one in four guests leave with a bacterial or fungal infection every time they visit a nail salon.”

25%??? That number seems outrageous, but if anyone would know, its someone who worked in the industry!

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

But she says just because you may be one of the lucky people who hasn’t caught an infection,  that doesn’t mean its not an extremely common problem.

“Scroll through the comments of the videos on our page, read the thousands of comments of people who have suffered and infections of all kinds that have caused them lifelong issues.”

Among these infections are heavy-hitters like MRSA and Staph, which are extremely difficult to treat because of their resistance to antibiotics.

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

She encourages everyone to advocate for themselves if they see something at the nail salon they are uncomfortable with.

“Make sure the place uses hospital-grade barbicide to clean, this is what’s gonna keep you safe!”

She says if you see them using household cleaners like windex or bleach, this is a red flag, and an even bigger one if you don’t see them cleaning at all!

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

Next, she said make sure your nail salon is using single use pumice stones. “Cheese graters are a big no-no in our industry, they’re highly unsafe.”

Maybe its just me but if I saw someone using a cheese grater on anything but cheese, let alone my skin, I would already be out the door!

“Make sure the implements are packed into sanitary packs. If you see a nail tech pull out something that has been used, you have to advocate for yourself and say I don’t want that used on me!”

Check out her safety tips for yourself!


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TikTok rushed to comments to share their pedicure horror stories.

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

And this user recalled a time a tech used the least sanitary tool of all time: a NYC metro card!

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

On top of the health concerns, this user worried about how the nail techs themselves were being treated.

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

This commenter recommended a russian manicure nail kit to avoid the nail salons altogether.

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

And finally, this woman said what we were all thinking: No more pedicures!

Source: TikTok/@thewnailbar

I’m even more concerned after reading the comments and seeing just how popular cheese graters are!

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