March 29, 2024 at 8:31 pm

Loud Man Annoyed Everyone In An Airport Terminal With His Phone, So A Traveler Got Revenge And Reported His Unguarded Bag To The TSA

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@tombag

You’ve seen people like this before

Loudmouths who pace up and down the corridors at the airport because they’re on important business calls and the whole world needs to know about it!

But this guy got what was coming to him after he was being extra annoying to other travelers.

Check out what happened!

Annoy every person in the terminal? Get your bag confiscated by TSA.

“Waiting for flight to board at a major east coast airport.

You know the type…

In walks this young, slick, LOUD business kid (early 20’s?) on a conference call, shouting into his Apple ear buds.

Drops his bag on the one free seat and starts pacing the floor, up and down the aisle, oblivious to dozens of folks eating lunches, working quietly, babies sleeping.

Continues pacing and shouting, “Yup, yup, we’ll upload that into the system …. blah blah jargon jargon acronyms and business ****” annoying everybody around, making everyone else get out of his way.

Folks start giving him the stink eye but his shouting and pacing continue, his circuit widening until he’s walking out of sight, then circling back, still shouting into the air.

Well, that’s annoying…

After 20 minutes of this, I’m over it. Kid stalks off in a hurried pace, abandoning his backpack for the three or so minutes it takes him to pace the terminal.

So I walk up to a TSA guard and point to the bag “Sir, there’s an unclaimed backpack on that seat!” Then I walk away.

You know what’s coming next…

TSA starts making announcements, trying to find the owner of the bag, but the business kid is too oblivious, pacing and shouting.

TSA is already removing the bag when he realizes and chases after them. Too late, he’s suspect and he has to follow them out of the terminal for a bag check.

And now it’s quiet again.”

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I think it’s safe to say this guy got what was coming to him.

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