March 1, 2024 at 11:45 am

Man Just Bought A Tiny Home Off Amazon And It’s Going To Be Delivered Within A Week

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

Ya gotta love to see a good ol’ fashioned go-getter.

Someone out there makin moves.

It takes guts, vision, and a drive that keeps you up at night.

So when we see someone going after that dream, all we do over here is applaud.

And applaud this guy on TikTok we will.

“Just make it work.”

Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

Can’t help but chuckle when I hear his opening line,

“I definitely just bought a tiny home off Amazon.”

I love it, he explains what he intends to do with multiple tiny homes like this, then immediately cuts to his inner-monologue, shouting


Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

His goal is to turn these into places for people to stay, explaining

“The goal is to bring in $750-800 a month, I think we’ll be able to do that easily.”


Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

He continues, “It was just a better deal, and we’re going to get it within the week!”

Service with a smile.

You have to check out the whole video here:



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Now let’s see what folks had to say.

People were firing at the hip with those jokes.

Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

One person would love for that split-payment ability!

Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

While another commenter wonders what this would look like from a particular competitor of Amazon’s.

Source: TikTok/@gilgra2024

4 tiny homes please.

Should probably grab an HDMI cable too.

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