March 5, 2024 at 5:28 pm

Manager Forbid Them From Calling The Lead Technician To Fix Problems, So They Complied And Now Things Are Slower Than Ever

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@klalit

It never ends, does it?

I’m talking about work issues that end up being a real pain in the neck when they could’ve been solved in an easier way.

This story comes to us from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page and it’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes and shake your head.

Take a look at what happened!

Don’t want us to call our most experienced technician? Okay.

“I work in a manufacturing facility.

One guy really knew his stuff.

We had a technician that knew almost everything about our machines. How to fix them, troubleshoot them and all their weird quirks.

When other technicians struggled to find the problem, he came through and saved A LOT of down time, up to hours per shift.

He moved to a different department with slightly different hours for personal reasons.


He’s still there 6 hours during our shift so he’s well within reach if things need to escalate.

So he told my boss and I “if a machine is ever down for longer than an hour, call me”.

One day, our technicians couldn’t find the root cause of a problem.

An hour passed and I called him on the walkie.

Then I got a message from the technician’s boss (who I really enjoy working with) asking that I NOT call this technician over from his department because of “morale reasons”.

You sure about that…?

You got it, technician boss.

So now whenever we have a problem on a machine, it will be down for as long as it takes until it gets fixed or passed down to the next shift, which has engineers and more support staff on call.”

Now let’s see how people responded.

This reader said they’re “that guy” at work…

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Another individual talked about their job.

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This person talked about their work…

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This reader made a good point…

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And this person said it sounds like this guy had too much on his plate…

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Some people, I tell ya…

They never learn!

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