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Manager Made Employee’s Life Hell For No Reason, So He Kept Track Of Everything And Reported To HR To Make Sure Their Career Was Ruined

by Matthew Gilligan

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Have you ever had a bully for a boss?

If you haven’t, let me tell you that it is unpleasant, to say the least…

And if you’re ever in a situation like that, I suggest that you revisit this story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page for some tips.

You can thank me later!

Take a look at what happened…

Manager bullies me for several months until I finally quit. I made sure to get him fired.

“This happened around 2016. I’d (at the time 25/26M) been without a job for a while, looking for a better paying job than I had before and I found one at a camera security company that was looking to hire someone for the service desk.

I went for an interview and got a call back later that day. If I wanted the job it was mine.

The manager was a tough one…

Now, my new manager was an ex military. Specifically ex-army (not american, just pointing that out). He REALLY didn’t like having people disagree with or going against him. A thing I was very unaware of when I took the job.

For 2/3 months everything was going well. The manager was cordial and seemed to really enjoy having me there. I worked my butt off every day, as the software we were working with was unknown to me, so I studied a lot and even went oversea to another country to follow a course and succeeded on my exams.

However, after that period my grandpa, who was like a second father to me, suddenly was hospitalized after a brain bleed. (aneurysm) He was found in the shower, he had collapsed after he pressed his panic button. (assisted living).

They got really bad news.

This all happened on a wednesday. The family came together in the hospital several times to show support and see grandpa. However, on Friday afternoon, 3pm I was called up by my father (my grandpa’s son) while I was at work and he explained to me that grandpa unfortunately passed away. I was in tears on the phone and in utter shock. It took me a while to calm down.

I went to my manager and explained what just happened and that I’m going home to be with my family. However, that day there was an event.

The company was doing a charity event and this charity was going to be public news. They already announced the amount of people participating and it would look bad if they were a person down. It was basically just for good PR.

So he refused to let me go. I told him that by law he cannot deny me as my contract states I can take a day for a death in the family and that I was leaving now.

This guy was a real jerk.

This was the turning point. He went from a nice manager to a manager from hell. Suddenly everything I did was wrong, I was told he couldn’t believe I was in this line of work for 6 years and be this bad at my job, he cussed me out and ridiculed me in front of my colleagues and even clients.

This all continued for several months and severely began to impact my mental health.I had a talk with my parents and my fiancé (at the time still my girlfriend, I’d ask her to marry me in December 2016) and they basically told me that this was not okay, that I didn’t have to take this and that I should give them my 2 weeks notice.

I agreed. The following day I went to HR and explained why I was leaving the company and that I couldn’t stand the idea of working even a single day more with that excuse of a human being.

HR showed interest in my well being and even more importantly in what I was claiming about my manager. They had received more complaints about him, but nobody had proof of his wrongdoings. So, they asked me if I had proof. I told them I’d be looking for a new job, but I’d gladly fit in the time to collect all I could.

It was time to collect the evidence.

For the next 2 weeks I collected everything. Memo’s, emails, voice recordings (when on the phone the calls are automatically recorded and the idiot was stupid enough to cuss me out while I was on the phone, lucky me).

Also lucky was that my colleagues at the desk had my back this entire time. They’d been trying to cheer me up, said I was doing fine work and that they also didn’t understand this man’s behavior.

So, when I came by and asked if they’d mind signing a document that everything I stated in the paperwork was the true, they gladly did.

I had one last talk with HR and him at the same time the last day I was there. Before he even walked in, I told the HR person who was mediating: “He’s going to walk in, say what he wants to say and I’ll be quiet and listen. When he’s done, I’ll explain my side and he’s going to interrupt me, tell you I’m lying and talk about completely none related subject matter to drag the conversation another direction.”.

She looked surprised at my comment, but had no time to respond as mister army man, walked in and began his spiel. Exactly as I stated he’d blurt his side out and once I tried to talk he’d consistently interrupt me and tried to pick fights.

Told ya so!

Eventually I got up, told HR “I told you so. Here’s the documents you’ve been asking for.”. I placed a filled folder with several dozens of emails, plenty of memo’s and a USB containing 3 phone conversations and even video footage of him yelling at me, in both voice and video recordings you could easily hear him cuss me out.

I gave the manager a big bright smile, who was smirking victoriously and said to him: “I don’t think you’ll be smirking like that for long. Enjoy your little victory.”.

His smirk disappeared into a confused scowl, but I slammed the door on him before he could respond and left the building feeling like a huge and I mean humongous sized, planet sized amount of stress fell off my shoulders. Within a month, I was back to my old self.

Wouldn’t you know it?!?!

Two months later I was working at a new job and out of curiosity I checked my ex-manager’s Linkedin. “Unemployed”.

I called one of my old colleagues to ask what exactly went down. My proof opened pandora’s box. He was being disrespectful to the female staff, insulted the older staff and on multiple occasions was less than cordial with our external hires. None of these complaints were acted upon, because it was his word against theirs and there was no proof.

However, me providing overwhelming proof of his gross behavior towards me made all other complaints now to be taken as fact.

He was promptly fired less than a month after I left and they refused to provide him with any form of reference. In a field like his references mean a lot. So not getting one from a company you worked at for nearly a year is a huge red-flag. It’s now 2020, 4 years passed and according to linkedin he’s still not working in his field.

I’ll gladly admit that I felt rather wickedly satisfied and still do whenever I happen to think about it.”

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That jerk got what was coming to them.

Nicely done!

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