March 1, 2024 at 7:33 pm

Miami Restaurants Are Serving Up Steaks In The Most Ludicrous Ways And People Are Seriously Buying Into The Hype

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

You love to see a little joy have its time in the sun.

And that Miami sun shines with just a little more…RHYTHM behind it.

Because sometimes you really just wanna get that steak.

But you can never find it served out of an opulent, smokey briefcase.

Phew. In Miami you can.

And here’s a story from a TikToker named Elisa that we just love.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

The caption is all you need. “This is how dinner in Miami looks like…”

And it’s pure joy for everyone involved.

But mostly, those servers who get to let the freak out a lil bit.

The servers all rush the table, dancing to the beat, police siren wailing, with the briefcase of steak as the star of the show.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

It’s pandemonium.

It’s smoky.

It just looks like a BLAST.

And obviously an insane waste of money for the sane folks among us.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

That guy’s having too much fun.

Check out the full dance party here:


📍papi steak miami 🥩 #miami #papisteak

♬ original sound – Elisa Schmieder

The comments were LOVING IT, to say the least.

One person noted the reason why that waiter was smiling so big.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

This was just MUAH. Compliments to the comments chef.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

While another person noted the rhythm with the briefcase.

Source: TikTok/@elisa.schmieder1

Briefcase Steak.

It’s a thing I guess?

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