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Mom Abandons Her Kid For A Loser Boyfriend, But When Her Mom Gets Sick The Boyfriend Tries To Dump Her On The Kid

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA, Pexels

Not much worse than having to endure your mom’s crappy boyfriend.

This young man took to Reddit to share his story.

It was the day after graduation when my mom and her boyfriend told me that now that i was an adult, I had to move out and find a place of my own.

Although it was unexpected, my mom and I’s relationship changed drastically when her new boyfriend moved in.

I tried to make a good impression because I wanted her to be happy but the guy just seemed to have an issue with me.

The mom was easily influenced by her boyfriend.

He convinced my mom to start charging me rent because I had a part time job while still in school even though he was jobless and living off my mom.

Her boyfriend could do no wrong in her eyes.

He would go in my room, go through my stuff and use some of my things without my permission.

He even broke my laptop after using it without asking but my mom saw nothing wrong with his behaviour and always took his side.

She would yell at me whenever I complained about how I didn’t like him invading my privacy.

He seemed very pleased with himself when my mom kicked me out.

The young man didn’t have a steady place to live.

I didn’t have enough to get a place so I survived by sleeping on friends couches as much as I could until they got tired of me and I had to sleep outside at times.

Thankfully I was able to get a second job through someone I knew and I was able to save up and I just moved into a new place at the beginning of this month after months of not having anywhere to call home.

Now that he was needed, he was welcome back into his mom’s home.

A few days ago my mom’s boyfriend reached out to me.

Apparently my mom had a stroke and he tried guilting me into moving back to help her out because he got a job opportunity and has to move.

I declined and told him that unfortunately I’m too busy trying to be an adult, it doesn’t look like I can take time off that schedule to do that then hung up.

Reddit users were fully on the writer’s side for this one.

One person mentioned that he was being used for convenience.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another reader called the boyfriend a mooch.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person was simply shocked the boyfriend was even able to contact the writer.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Don’t go, author. You’ve made it this far.

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