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Mom Buys Food From Sam’s Club And Sells It On Amazon And Makes $300-600 A Day. – ‘I have the flexibility to be present with my children.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

A lot of folk are all about the side hustle now to make some extra cash and beat inflation – but what if that side job’s making you more than your full-time career?

TikToker @deyshustlehq said she quit her full-time sales job to resell snacks from Sam’s Club and she reckons she’s already made $15k in four months and is paying her bills while being more present for her children.

She’s selling anything and everything, from snacks to clothing and all on Amazon. And her car’s become her office. The vehicle is chock full of goodies she’s selling online for a mark up. And folk are paying more for convenience!

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

The back seat and trunk of the car are full of sweet treats and apparently this has changed the mom’s life!

“I sell food from Sam’s Club on Amazon to pay my bills,” she said.

The TikToker said she was making $18,000 from her full-time sales job but still “had tons of bills and wasn’t able to spend much time with my kids.”

The savvy businesswoman now looks for brand names like Nike and Adidas for discount from the likes of TK Maxx and Walmart and resells them on Amazon at a higher price. That’s business y’all and good luck to this woman.

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

She said: “If you’ve been looking for another source of income or just tired of working for people, you have to tap into AMAZON FBA,” she said, explaining how it works.

FBA – or Fulfillment By Amazon – is a service helping salespeople like this TikToker, sell and then they ship. Simple. Everyone’s a winner. Hopefully!

It launched in 2017 but the service has seen a boom because so many people are seeking side hustles to make more money in these challenging times!

“I have the flexibility to be present with my children, take them to school, pick them up, we never miss our kids’ games and then some!” she said.

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

Five months into doing FBA she said she was able to quit the job. 

In other clips the mom highlighted she could make about $300 to $600-a-day. If it was possible to keep that up, that’s about $75,000-a-year with a fortnight off.

All props to the side hustle people out there and to the small businesses building their empires up.

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I started selling 4months ago and never looked back! I was working in the medical field, had tons of bills and wasn’t able to spend much time with my kids. After seeing others like me reselling on Amazon I figured what’s the worst that could happen?? Little did I know I ended up quitting my fulltime job to pursue Amazon FBA full-time. Fast forward to today l’ve already generated over 15k in sales and counting. I have the flexibility to be present with my children, take them to school, pick them up, we never miss our kids games and then some! If you’re looking for a flexible schedule that you can control Amazon FBA is for you. Click the link in bio to learn more. #amazon #amazonseller #amazonfbmsellers #amazonfinds #amazonfbatips #flipfinders #sidehustle #familytime #reseller res|lercommunity

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It’s all about convenience!

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq


Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

Haters gonna hate…

Source: TikTok/@deyshustlehq

Good for you, mom!