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Mom Left Her Daughter Alone In A Store For An Hour, So She Called Dad Because She Was Worried. When Mom Shows Back Up She Acts LIke It’s No Big Deal And It Got Heated.

by Trisha Leigh

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There are overprotective parents everywhere, but the thing is, I don’t think most parents care one bit if other people think they’re going too far trying to keep their kids safe.

This post is one of the most sus parenting stories I’ve heard in awhile.

OP’s wife and his 13yo daughter went shopping together.

I’m 37M. I live with my wife, Jen, 37F and our two kids,13F and 7F.

Last weekend, my wife went out for the day with our oldest daughter, who for this story I will call Emily, while I stayed home with our youngest.

While there, his daughter called, frantic because she couldn’t find her mom in the store.

Three hours after they left, I got a call from Emily. She was very upset on the phone and was crying.

She explained that they went to a clothing store together, they split up to look at different sections and now Jen is no where to be found and her phone is going to the voicemail.

She had asked an employee to make an speaker announcement and no one has come forward, and Jen had been gone for around an hour.

He drove to get her; his wife was gone for over an hour.

I told Emily not to panic and I come straight down.

When I got there, Jen was still gone, and I couldn’t see her car in the parking area.

We searched for Jen in the stores that are next-door in case she went in one of them, and I also try to call her.

Around 40 minutes later, Jen calls me and says she is on her way back to the clothing store. I asked where she had been, and she says she drove to another nearby store that she wanted to go to.

I asked why she didn’t bring Emily or at least tell her that she was leaving, and she said because she did not expect to take a long time or for Emily to even notice that she was gone.

Emily has been distraught and avoiding Jen, she is still very upset.

Now she’s saying their daughter is old enough to be on her own but he thinks what she did was super irresponsible.

When we got home, Jen and I had an argument as I said that she was irresponsible for going away and leaving Emily in the store without telling her.

Jen says I just want to treat Emily like a baby and that she is old enough to be able to be on her own in a store.

I asked Jen why she did not answer her phone and she says she accidentally put it on do not disturb. Jen is angry that I called her irresponsible and says that what she did is nowhere close to being an irresponsible parent.

I know I can be overprotective of my kids but we do live in a high crime area and it makes me very angry that Emily was left feeling scared.

Am I the a——?

I have a feeling I know whose side Reddit is going to be on, here…

The top comment says the wife definitely didn’t want her daughter to come wherever she was going.

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This person agrees the behavior is super sus.

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Independent or not, you don’t leave a kid without telling them.

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They feel sorry for the daughter, first and foremost.

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Way too long to expect a child to not freak out.

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Y’all, this is insane behavior – whether you’re with a friend or a child or anyone else.

She was definitely up to something.

I need an update!

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