March 19, 2024 at 6:34 pm

Mom Shares A Funny Realization About Her Generation’s First Names Thanks To Her Daughter. – ‘They have no clue that they have the old people names.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

Generational differences are truly a sight to behold. Whether it’s music, film, sports, literature, or food habits, it’s fun to track the changes through the years.

One of those fun changes can be as simple as first names. Whether they’re familial, religious, creative or just plain preference – names convey a lot about us.

One TikTok mom named Amber came to a startlingly funny realization thanks to her daughter…. about her own generations’ names!

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

She starts off the quick video saying,

“…the name Ashley or Amanda…are old people names and I never thought about it this way.”

Continuing she tells us, “whereas young people names, like my daughter is Scarlett… there’s Charlottes, there’s Olivias, there’s Penelopes… those are young people names”

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

You can just tell this was an in-the-moment realization of the ancient, age-old tradition of generational shifts.

It’s baffling, it’s sometimes confusing, maybe even annoying haha, but it never ceases to blow our minds does it?

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

You gotta check out her full video here:


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Folks had some fun with this one in the comments.

Hands-down my favorite was this absolute gem.

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

Another person strictly sees the name “Ashley” in one particular way.

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

While this commenter just hit that nail on the head.

Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

“I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita.”

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