March 2, 2024 at 8:21 am

NASA Reveals Spooky Face In Noxious Clouds Of Jupiter

by Jen Sako

NASA recently unveiled a snapshot that gives a whole new meaning to “scary skies,” capturing Jupiter’s noxious clouds forming a face straight out of a nightmare. Forget friendly ghosts; we’re talking about ammonia-packed clouds channeling their inner Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”

Snapped by NASA’s Juno spacecraft during its 54th flyby of the gas giant, the photo showcases Jupiter’s far north Jet N7 region, where toxic clouds decided to play dress-up.

Citizen scientist Vladimir Tarasov, armed with raw JunoCam data, processed the pic for an extra spooky effect. NASA, in its ghostly humor, shared the image on October 25, coincidentally Pablo Picasso’s birthday, labeling it a “Cubist portrait displaying multiple perspectives.”

NASA assures us that seeing faces in Jupiter’s clouds is as common as spotting Elvis in your morning toast. Describing this phenomenon as pareidolia, where random patterns trick us into seeing recognizable shapes, the space agency points out that it’s not Jupiter’s first rodeo in the spooky face game.

Move over, Man on the Moon; there’s a new celestial scarecrow in town.

Source: Flickr/NASA

Taken from a hair-raising 4,800 miles above Jupiter’s cloud tops, the image’s eerie lighting enhances the creepy vibe.

NASA, always the scientist, notes that the low angle of sunlight exposes the intricate topography, helping researchers understand the atmospheric theatrics on Jupiter.

Source: PickPik

Now, before you start crafting your Imhotep Sand Cloud costume, remember there’s no actual spooky figure floating around Jupiter.

But if you’re in the mood for some extremely niche space-themed cosplay, grab that blue-greige face paint, and embrace the interstellar eeriness.

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