March 17, 2024 at 1:24 pm

New Neighbor Tells Them That She Doesn’t Know Them, So In Her Time Of Need They Return The Favor And She’s Nabbed By The Police

by Chris Allen

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The sweet, sweet taste of revenge.

Especially when it comes to some toxic neighbors.

This hilarious story is a direct karma bite in the booty!

Sent new neighbor to the police station for a few hours

We live in an apartment block, and occasionally have new people move in and out.

Yesterday we encountered a new resident, a short red haired lady who, through dwarfism and food, manages to be about as wide as she is tall.

My boyfriend greeted her with a simple “Hello.”

He also tried to say “welcome” but she cut him off with “Shut up, i don’t know you”

Okay, not the sociable type, neither are we.

Lest not get friendly then!

Flash forward a few days, and the karma train rolled into the station.

Today when returning from grocery shopping we found her trying to pick the lock with what looks like a piece of a paperclip, because you know, that’s going to work.

And she’s apparently been at it a while cause before we could open the door with our key, a patrol car stopped and an officer called out to her.

We stopped to watch cause while it was happening, the officer asked her why she was breaking in to which she responded she lived here, she turned to us and said that “They know me.”

The boyfriend pointed to the back wall and called, “GAME.”

Boyfriend smiled and said “I don’t know you.”

We entered the building after the officer asked us to confirm, and boyfriend repeated “We don’t know her.”

Can’t wait to have more contact with her…

Simple. Direct. Sent from the heavens.

That’s exactly how you teach a lesson in the most perfect way.

Let’s see what folks had to say, shall we?

One person nailed it: boomerang effect.

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While another person lived so vicariously through this story.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Another commenter thought ‘well-deserved’.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

While one Redditor had some pretty sage advice here.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Know me now? lol.

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