March 8, 2024 at 3:46 pm

New Satellites That Can Spy On Every Person On Earth In Real Time Are Now Being Built

by Trisha Leigh

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I would venture a guess that nobody likes to think about being spied on without their knowledge.

Sure, there are times when maybe the police or the government need to do it, but you know…it doesn’t sit well.

So people surely aren’t going to like the idea of a satellite that can actually track individual people.

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A startup called Albedo Space is building low-orbit satellites under the guise of better safety – but that will cost us personal privacy in the process.

The satellites won’t come equipped with facial recognition technology, but they will be capable of zooming in on an individual human on Earth.

They’re basically a fleet of cameras that would have eyes on all of us, all the time.

Jennifer Lynch, general counsel for Electronic Frontier Foundation, says we would be silly to ignore it.

“This is a giant camera in the sky for any government to use at any time without our knowledge. We should definitely be worried.”

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Albedo’s founders have attempted to address (or brush off) privacy concerns in the past – basically, they try to reassure us that they’re aware of the potential for abuse and/or misuse.

They mostly want to focus on the potential for the satellite footage to “save lives,” by mapping disaster zones, monitor infrastructure, and by aiding defense and intelligence agencies.

That last bit shouldn’t sit quite right.

Experts do agree the satellites could be helpful, but they’re not sure they outweigh or even match potential privacy concerns – especially as we’re living in times when governments could be keen on seeing who is doing exactly what and when.

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The plan, though, is rolling on. Albedo plans to launch the first of their satellites in early 2025.

Ready or not, the future is here.

So get ready to all step into your role on Big Brother, whether you signed up willingly or not.

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