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Post Office Worker Shares Food With Trouble Co-Worker, But Once She Stops His Rage Becomes Uncontrollable And He Blames Her For His Sudden Weight Loss

by Chris Allen

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Ungratefulness is so visible that it’s almost tangible.

Like you can feel it in the air.

And people who never fully grow up, never learn the lesson of pure gratitude.

In fact, they begin to actually expect certain niceties from other people.

Well here’s a story that will knock your socks off.

And there’s no amount of piled-up excused that can, well excuse this kind of behavior.

AITA for no longer bringing my coworker food every day?

I have a co-worker who is a single guy and is a barely functioning alcoholic and has some mental health issues to boot.

We work at the post office, and this is something we all know about him.

I am a pretty good cook, so often when I eat my lunch he will comment and ask what I made or what I am having for lunch.

So, one day, I brought him a portion of my leftovers and he was so happy and made a big deal about it. He doesn’t cook or have any family at all, so he was really happy and talked about it for days.

My husband didn’t mind me sharing our leftovers with him, so a couple times a week I would bring him leftovers, and he would eat it immediately.

Here’s where it goes off the rails:

Well, needleless to stay I am regretting ever bringing him food.

He does have manic episodes and some personality disorders that he takes meds for. On the days I do not have food for him, he will treat me horrible and yell around the office and act like an a-hole to me.

One day he was yelling and being a jerk and a customer called our postmaster because she “feared for my safety”. He just gets so mad when I don’t bring anything. And he isn’t thankful anymore when I do bring anything.

He has gone as far as to criticize the meals I do bring and tell me it sucks but he is starved and will eat it anyways.

He is much nicer and calmer if I just bring him something, anything. Cheeseballs, chips, and even a stale bagel he will eat.

My sister (a therapist) says alcoholics are starved a lot and need the nutrition.

I finally couldn’t take the stress of finding him food every day/packing him lunch, just so he won’t have a fit (by the way he is 55) so I have just stopped it the past 2 weeks altogether.

It gets worse.

Today he comes into my area and tells me he has lost 12 pounds and starts cursing and flying off the handle.

And I feel guilty.

I just read a book and it says the Bible says to feed the poor, share your food etc.

But he isn’t poor, he makes way more than me and has more money than most of us at work.

He recently inherited a lot of money when his mother passed. He boasts about all his money in fact.

My sister feels the Christian thing to do would be to bring him food when I have leftovers that will otherwise go to waste and help out a troubled person.

My husband and children don’t even yell at me and speak to me the way the co-worker does so I feel justified in not bringing him food anymore.

Am I horrible person?


So let’s see what folks had to say about this absolutely insane situation.

One commenter hit the nail on the head.

Multiple times.

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Another commenter brought up the legal word for taking action:


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While one person also suggested escalating this psychotic behavior to supervisor(s).

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This Redditor stressed really baring down and looking at how this behavior will only continue.

And that OP can end it.

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Not sure about you, but I’m keeping this nugget for later:

“Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”

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