March 19, 2024 at 1:38 pm

Realtor Shows How Out Of Control Rent And Housing Prices Have Become When Adjusted For Inflation. – ‘It’d be 75% of your gross income.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

The math that incites the fires of Hades:


Because it’s cold hard fact that it actually has gotten out of control, and it’s not a whine-based theory.

A lot of us are struggling, and it isn’t just because we hear about it more because everyone has a camera in their pocket.

It’s real, and more and more are catching on.

Some people out there, like Freddie here on TikTok, have taken it upon themselves to show us exactly how.

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

He starts it off getting straight to the point,

“Millennials and Gen Zers who are complaining that they can’t buy a house are not working for minimum wage. These are people making 60 – 90 thousand dollars a year who can no longer afford a house.”

UH. YEAH. Though you could just about DOUBLE that number in some places.

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

Freddie then goes on to show us just how absurd these numbers have gotten, to the detriment of young folks looking for that American Dream.

“Making double the federal minimum wage in 2024, rent would be 75% of your gross income.”

I….just have one word.


Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

Make sure to check out his full video here, it’s worth it.

If you want to feel more enraged.


Boomer: “Millennials and Gen Z need to stop complaining about housing prices.”

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Let’s see what folks had to say.

One person reminds us about the 3x rent to even be able to be considered for an apartment.

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

While one person’s allegory is just chef’s kiss.

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

And the duel of the day goes to:

Source: TikTok/@fmsmith319

This really is a sad situation… and there are no signs of it getting better.

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