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Stepdad Botches Wife’s Birthday Celebration, So Her Kid Makes Backup Plans And Saves The Day. Now He’s Angry For Showing Him Up.

by Addison Sartino

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Ahh, a man with a fragile ego. What’s new!

This woman took to Reddit to share her story.

So, it was my 20F mom’s birthday, and it was her 40th, which my family regards as a milestone birthday.

This birthday is a bit more important, because my mother is anxious about her 40’s. Her father passed in his, so it was important to me that she begins this decade on a positive note.

My mother has been married to my stepdad for 9 years, together on and off for 16 years.

Because she loves her mom, she has taken charge of birthdays.

My stepdad is notoriously bad at birthdays.

So since I was 17, I’ve planned my mother’s birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, etc.

I’d tell everyone what we’re doing, what she may want, who is allowed to know what, etc. She’s been noticeably happier with that arrangement.

The stepdad hasn’t been able to swallow this pill.

Which has left a dent in my stepdads ego.

So he said he would be planning my mother’s birthday, without any of my “ornery” supervision.

He made it very clear he did not want my input. So I let him do it, sure. I gave him a good example to go by.

While she tried to leave it all to her stepdad, she couldn’t help but see all the mistakes being made.

However, as the day approached, it became clear that his plans weren’t turning out as my mom would have wanted.

He didn’t celebrate because he mixed up the days, and took the wrong day off work, so he planned for the day before. He ordered a marble cake with whipped icing, tickets to The Color Purple, and a reservation to an Italian restaurant.

Her favorite cake is chocolate with buttercream, she hates musicals, and her favorite thing to eat is steak w/ lobster tails.

He didn’t invite me or my siblings, to any of these plans either, as the cherry on top.

She had to make sure her mom had the day she deserved.

Worried that my mom might be disappointed, I discreetly made backup birthday plans, thinking it would be a nice surprise.

So when the day before came, I let my stepdad give her the wrong cake, a musical, and a plate of pasta.

He also lied and said he had mandatory overtime at his job on her actual birthday. Obviously she did not have a good time.

After his failed attempt, the woman gave her mother the perfect day.

So the next day, I surprised her with “everything”.

Flowers, breakfast, spa day, comedy show, and a dinner at a steakhouse, with all of her children included. And she cried happy tears into her chocolate w/ buttercream cake.

Overall a wonderful success.

When my stepfather found out, he was furious, feeling like I undermined his efforts and made him look bad.

He argued that I should have trusted his plans and not taken matters into my own hands, for the sole purpose to make myself look good.

The woman tried to explain that this was solely about her mom.

I explained that I only wanted to ensure my mom had a special day, and the backup plans were meant to be a thoughtful gesture.

Despite my intentions, tensions escalated as he felt his authority was challenged.

Now, I’m left wondering: AITA for trying to salvage my mom’s birthday, or did I overstep by creating backup plans without consulting my stepfather?

Reddit users were quick to agree with the woman.

One person asked why her mom is even with him at this point.

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Another reader asked who the mother’s party was even for because it surely wasn’t for her.

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This person simply said the woman she be proud of taking care of her mom on her birthday.

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I agree. She is lucky to have you!

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